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Slavery--porperty In Man

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" Teil me not of rights," says Lord BfOu'ham ; " talk not ol' ihe property of ilie planter in bis aïavasi I deny the right ; 1 acknowledge not ilio property. The principies, the feelings, of our common nature, rise in rebellion against il. Be the appcal made to the understanding or to the heart, the sentence is the same that rejects it. In vain yon teil me of the law that sanctions such a claim. There is a law above enactments of human codee - ilie same tbroughout the world, the game in all time ; sueh as it was bofo re the daring genius of Columbus piereed the night of ages, and opened to one world llu; source ol' power, wealth and knowledge, to another all such unutterable woes, such as it is this day ; it is the law written by the finger of God upon the hearts ol' man ; and that law unchangeable and eterna!, vvhile men despise fraud, and loalhe rapiñe, and ablior blood, tiiey s 1 1 a 1 1 reject vvith indignation, ihe wild and' guihy phantasy, that man can hold property in man." The sentiment here so beautifully expressed is everywhere finding its way to the hearts of the people, and rapidly resulting in the downfall of slnvery. The ihatitiuion.has indeed already been abolished in most of the governments of the old world, and must ere long eease to be tolerated in any. Tbe impulse of the age tends irresislibly to freedom, and nothing can stay its progress until tbc " wild and guilty phantasy that man can hold property in man," is stricken from the code of every nation. [Newburgh Gazette.] Do not American Slaveholders feel that the days of their " Domeslic Institution," as ihey fondly cali it, are numbered - and does not ibis feeling originate tbe violent and spasmodic efForts making in both Church and Slate, to íence round and protect the horrid monster, from the ponderous assaults of the fiiends of freedom. The methodist Church is rent in twain to secure the sanction of the Reverend Slavebolding Bíáhops - Texas is annexed - war is waged against a sister Republic - new territories are acquired on which to write the foul blot - Presidential camdidates are compeüed to do homage to this modern Moloch - and even now, Slaveholding Senators, with Mr. Calhoun at their head, are contendinj; for the riht to establisb Slavery in Oregon. The monster rages tenibly, because bis end is approaching, but he rages in vain. The irreversable decree is gone forth, irom the brave hearts of hundreds of thousands of freemen, llü'.l Slavery shall die.