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Buildings Matter Ann Arbor

Buildings Matter! Buildings are more than just doors and windows and roofs; if we learn what to look for, they can also teach us about their history and tell us stories about the people who have used them. This badge will lead you through some of Ann Arbor’s important historic buildings in the Kerrytown area! 

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Thank you for writing all the clues in one swoop! There was an earlier badge that only released the next clue if you typed in the code. This looks like another great exploring and discovering badge, thank you!!

Second clue says it is a stone building. It is really a brick building with stone foundation.

The part of the second clue that says "down the street" isn't really directionally descriptive. It would be better to say "go north on Fourth Street". And are the lintels to be counted only on the front of the building? That clarification would also be helpful.

My sister and I spent a very long time on this badge this afternoon. We went "down the street" to the old Casey's gas station at 4th and Huron. We went to the brick building to the east and entered 2 dates. Well, we were WAY off track. We kept looking around for a little building. After I googled some information, we arrived at the correct building. Then there is the house "across the street". The one right across the street didn't have much that was distinctive in terms of lintels, so we went with the one kitty corner. We kept counting and recounting. There is a lintel as part of an enclosed porch. Well, that is all wrong. After googling, we got to the right house. Again, we kept counting and trying. At first, we only counted decorative lintels, then we counted all the lintels, then we realized that on the side of the house, there is more than one "plane" with lintels. Again, we were all on the wrong track. The clue doesn't really match the answer. While we were there, we ran into another frustrated contestant who just came from another "part of the badge" and said to be sure to count the columns on the side of the house by the church. If somebody could fine-tune this badge, it would add to the fun.

I am confused by the church one. The *woman* who paid for the tower shares her name with a golfer and drink, but the *man* it was dedicated to is the UM prof, right?

Just spent far to much time trying to figure out the columns! We ended up just typing in random numbers until we got it. Count the number of columns on the lower front porch and side porch and subtract one (for whatever reason).

stuck on the lintels question. Is the code the #LINTELS or #STONELINTELS, or #CARVEDSTONELINTELS?


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