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Seventh Month, (Jülv.) - " Makeyoor hay while the sun shines," says the proverb. but il" yon vork it right, it can be niado sometimes vvhen the sun does not sbiwe. Where ihe erop is heavy, put it up in stnall cocks, soon after it is wiltcd. While in tbis situation it vvill sweat and makc u good dea!, so that vvhen it is again spread out, it vvill oceupy mueh less space than before. Il' well put up it vvill stand the vveather, and vvill not take hurt though there should be scveral cloudy and wet days. Cut grasa before the seed forma - it loses üs sweetness rapidly afier ihis takes place. If it gels louged dovvn, it will soon sonr, and the erop itself will not only spoil, but the roots will be likelv to die. - Henee, if it lodges. it hnd better be cut at once, vvhatever stage it may be n. Cut clover, when mosi fu II y in blossom, and make it in cock - not exposing it to the snn much after it is fairly willed and the wet dried off from-it. The day you put it in the barn or stack, turn the cocks over, after the dew ig off, lighien up the bottoms a liltle witl) a fork, aud if t á a clear day, (as it should be for this business,) it will soon be in fine order for loading. Clover hay thus cured, will retain every leaf and head, and vvill be found better for most kinds of stock tban any other. - Don't put too mucb salt on your hay - it is better to let your cattle have just what they want, than to oblige them to eat more. Turnips.-1- The Ruta Baga turnip should1 have sown before this month. Other kinds may be sown now, or tovvards the Iatter parí ofthe month. For common EngHsh flat turnip, turn over, a flat piece of stony swardland, after the grass has been out from it, if in a meadow - spread on a good dressing of oíd or rich compost manure, and some leached or unloached ashes : if they can be - harrovv well, lengthwise of the furiows; lest ihe teeth should tear up the sod. It is best to sow the seed wilh a machine. One may be had for five or sis dollars, that will do it right, and f proper care is taken of it, vvill last as long as any one man will want to sovv turnips. Il long; manure is used, it had better be ploughed in with a shallow furrow. If i: lays on the top ofthe ground, it is much in the way of sowing and hoeing. Cut your grrain before it gets too dead. - By so doing you save much loss from phattering, and it makes much better flour. Besides, the straw is worth more. When the stalk immediately under the head is turned yellow, it may as well be cut. If rust makes it BDpearance, the sooner the ff raio is cut,