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If Sesame Street is celebrating 50 years its gotta be because of the enduring LOVE we all have for the Muppets... and you cannot have Muppets without Jim Henson!  The first muppet to get some TV time before Sesame Street even debuted was Rowlf the Dog! Rowlf played a sidekick on The Jimmy Dean Show in 1963 (yes, this is the same Jimmy Dean of sausage fame!). Search for Jimmy Dean in the catalog and find your first game code in a movie about a different Jimmy Dean.

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I believe something has gone wrong with the record for the item in the last code. It comes up as the only result for the "Lew Grade" search, but when I click on the name, it says "Item Not Found". This is after 504 people have received the badge, so possibly the link has just recently broken.

Well that was informational! I had no idea the muppets were on SNL long ago. To be fair though, that did come out before I was born :)


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