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We all know that if you seek a PLEASANT PENINSULA, look about you but what if you get there and DON'T KNOW what to SEE?? Well, dear Summer Game player, THIS IS THE BADGE FOR YOU! We're gonna look at some of the BEST of the BEST places in Michigan you can see!  

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When I’m trying to get the second code it says that I already redeemed it and when I look at the badge it says that I only redeemed one when I refreshed it still said the same thing

Have put clue mystery spot in and can’t find a book in the list that has a code. Also tried beautiful mystery spot with no luck.

Sleeping Bear Dunes is a National Park, so your state park sticker won't get you entry. It is a fantastic park with plenty of hikes, inland and Lake Michigan swimming, river tubing, camping, a maritime museum, an auto tour with great lookouts. Every Michigander (and Michigoose) should visit at least once.

What kathscot said - Sleeping Bear Dunes is a National Lakeshore, so the 2nd clue is somewhat misleading. Hate to be a nitpicker, but it would be nice if these were factually accurate.


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