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The Peace Message

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This week we give the Pcace Message, in which the President in his usual style vindicatcs his course by showing thal we were reluctantly, but neccssarily, involved in a war witli Mexico, to sustain our rights and national honor. He congratulates the country on the happy results - an honorable peace, valuable territorios acquired, indemnilies secured ; and above all, the brilliant nchievemems have given tlie United States a national character abroad that the country never before possessed. The spirit of conquest has heretofore been a stranger in our Republic. A war of aggression has never before been advocated by Americans, and having extended our territory by conquest for the purpose intonded, will undoubtedly place our national character in a position abroad which it never before assumed. He also makes it a matter of congratulation. that we have been able to prosecute the war for two years without impairing our business or exhausting our resources. This may be true, but ís there notliing more to take into consideration ] Where are all the lives that have been sacrificcd, and the accumulated amount of misery that has accrued 1 These more than overbalance all thal we have acquired, to say notliing of the amount of money expended, which by a fair computation would more than havo purchased the territory at a fair sale - However advantageous the acquirements may becoine, the manner in which they were obtained will be a lasling dishonor to our country. Although the plausible pretext held out wis indemnity, and the hypocritical show of vindicating nationaí lionor, yet the object to extentl over a large arca of free soil the cursed institution of slavery, is too obvious to be misapprehnnded. But this object nnay be dcfeated ; the energies of the peoplc have become aroused ; they are no longer willing lo submlt to encroacliing despotism ; but have arisen in their miht with a determination to demanc their vights. And they will obtain them. The President, under the smoothe semblancc of patriotio effusions, woUd have the nation relinquish its dignity and truckle to the miserable policy of oxpediency, instead of adhering to the truc principies of justice. In reference to the organization of territorios acquired, he asks for compromises and concessions, and refors to the constitution as though that instrument had been kept inviolate, or the righis of the people never been trampled upon. That the confederaron was eslablished by " common toils," no one will question ; but theirs were toils for Liberty, and can he expect their descendants will consent to rolinquish llicir priv ileges to gratify the cupidity and avarice of' power that has become insupportable? Nothing but ihe actual determitiAtion of th advocates of Liberty can save this nation. - Who will stop to talk about geographical line and sectional boundries, in a crisis that in volves our country's destiny ? Tho great caus "f rtght sbeald bc the gavernin? principio. - 'hen wc can boast a Model Republic, whicli 3 the " star of hope and the haven of rest" to ie persecuted, But it ill becomes our chief rnagistrate, at the close of a war such as this ïus been, and for such an object, to proclaim i a public message that " our country is the refuge of the oppressed of every clime," wliile ,000,000 groan in bondage more inhuman than vas ever tolcrated by heathen despotism. How absurd for our nation to claim to be the model, white this foul blot rests upon its shairacier. ïhe covert alhision to unnccessary exponditures, in his assumcd love for the prospenty of the country, is too obvious to be misunderstnod. The veto of harbor and river bilis is of too recent a date to be nvcrlooked or forgottcn; and the man who is willing to expend millions ii an unnecessary war, and treat with contempt. the wishes of the people to advance interna! ímprovementa, cannot oxpect mucli respect Trom tlic North and West. iNor will he measures advooated and pursued b_y Pres dent Polk bringcither honor to liiraself or liis country.