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Revenge at Zingermans

Take a trip to Kerrytown in Ann Arbor and visit Zingerman's Deli at 422 Detroit Street Ann Arbor, MI. You want to locate a historical pirate's SHIP with a gamecode included! It's in the Deli window and it's not large at all - the box is 5 x 10 inches - so look closely! It will be in the window and viewable 24/7! You may as well visit during opening hours (7AM-9PM, 7 Days a week) and earn the Tasting Passport Badge while you're there!  

This ship and all the installations this summer were created by artist, Chris Schweizer! Chris combines history and art!  Chris Schweizer is an Eisner Award, YALSA, and Stumptown Award-nominated cartoonist. He used to be a cartoonist and a college professor both, but for the past four years he's been doing art exclusively. 

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I know the code but it's not working. DELETED dosen't work and the other way dosen't work either. Any hints?


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