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Free Soil Convention

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Pursuant to public notice, a Convention of Free Soil Electora, without distinctior of party, wns beW n the villnge of Northvillo on the 8fli day of July, "h)8tíint, Colonel SAMUEL HUNGKRFORD was cliosen President, Dr. Gardnf.r and C. Pudskt, Vico Presidenta, and J. T. Brown, Secretary- when on motion, a committee of fivo was appointed by tho Chair to draft resoluions expressive of lie senee of this meeting. During the absence of the committee the meeting listened to sonie very able romarksof O. F. Wisner, a loading Democrnt, n relntion to the action of the Baltimore and Philidelphin Convontions. The committeo on resolutions reported the folowing, which were unanimously ndopted - WhereRS, The Naiional Conventions. recenlly leid in Bnltimore nnd Philadelphia, have impoaed upon us the necessity of renonncing onr principies or adopting the slave teníís as one of tho cardinal features of our government, and that as utiqualified obedience is made the condition of the slave power, so the teat disgrace of a froemau is the tame surrender of his rights ; and - Whereas, Tho Legislature of this btato have on different occasions declared for the Free Soil doctrine embodying the sentiments nnd wishes of the leoplo universaily, therefore, Resolved, That we will not give our sufifcages to Lewis Cass who has obtained the nomination for President at the sacrifice of Free Soil and Free Labor by a disgraceful pledge of all Territories now, or hereafter to be acquired, to be freely given up to the Slave system, nor to Zochory Tnytor the owner of two hundred Slnves and warmly dovoted to that interest, and who received his nomination at the hands of the South against the wishes of the North. Kesolved, That as Whiga or Deinocrats we wil] no longer give our votes for Northern men with "Southern principies," nor for Southern men without principies, nor submit to despotic dictations come from what quarter they may, and that we ipurn tho guilded bait held out to entrap the free yeonmnry of tho North and return utouched tho " )oisoned chalice to tho lips ot' the inventora," that we believe the time lias fully come when we sliould bury all our politica! animosities - throvv the mantle of charity over the past, and strike hands for tb one great cause - Freo Soil and Free Labor. Resolved, That we liail with delight tho uprising of the Democraey in the Empire State, and of the masses in odier States, and that, we will coöperate with tlioin in any systematic etfort for the maintainance of our cause. Resolved, That our thanks are due to those United States Senators - John M. Nilks for his efforts In behalf of'Oregon and Free Soil, andto Johx P. IIalk for his bold, gentlenmnly, and uncompromising hostility to the encroachmeuts of the Slave Power. Resolved, That we plodge our cordial and united support to any worthy and tibie for President and Vice President, who are truly and sincerely opposed to tho further extensión of' Slavery and the further aggression of the Slave Power, which maj' be nominated by tho National Convention to be held at Buffulo on tho 9th of August next, Resolved, That we adhere firmly to all the terms of the original compact of union between the thirteen States imposed on us by the Constitution, protR?ling at the same timo that if the flag of our Union is to be borne Westward to tho Pacific, neithor side of it shnl! bc slained by the black escutcheon of Slavery. Kesolved, That a County CoDVentrai) bo callcd to meet at Wayne on Saturday, 23d instant, to appoint delegates to a State or to the National Convontion. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be publislied in the Detroit papers, Ann Arbor Demoerst, Liberty Press, New York Tribune and Evoning Post.