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Show Me the Money Pit

While you will definitely find SG points at this end of this badge (and throughout the hunt), it's anyone's guess as to whether treasure hunters will ever find treasure at the end of OAK ISLAND! According to legend, this infamous island off the coast of Canada became the site of treasure hunting excavations way back in the 1790s when a teenager found a sunken area in the woods and, supposedly, an old block and tackle hanging nearby. Convinced that the treasure of Captain Kidd lay in wait for him, he enlisted a couple of friends to help him dig into the pit. According to some stories, they discovered layers of wood logs every 10 feet until they gave up. The OAK ISLAND MONEY PIT was born! Though, sadly, without much money to show for it. Nevertheless, fortune seekers have been seeking (and losing) there ever since! Seek your first code in the catalog, buried in a travel guide to the Canadian province where Oak Island resides.

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★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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