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The Parlor Magazine For Nothing!

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START NOT, gentle reader at th is nnnounceinent. nor set it down is the last humbug of tho day. It is a fact, however nstonishing, that tlie publisher will ho happy to provo to those who are skeptical on the subject. Any person wUhitig that inagnificent NATIONAL ÈNGRAVING of tho signéis of tho DECLARATiON of INDEPENDÍNCE, engravecí on steel by Ortnsbx', Hnd considered fully equal to the one formeiiy sold at twenty inllars, mayobtain a yenrly subscription to the Paror Magazine, free of charge, by remitting $3, the o west prico of the engraving, to the office, 135, NTassua Street. To those unncquaintfid with the Magazine, we would say, it is a nionthly devoted to moráis, literiture, and the best interests of society, containing ' i pages of original matter, from the best writers, with two beautiful illustrations, second to none, in ench numbpr, one a steel, nnd the othei expressly idaptèd to the Ladies, and colored in the best stylc of the art, with other occasional illustrations and mnsic. Price 2 per year. It is designed not simily to charm away au idle hour. It ia ehatte and ïlegnnt in all respects, f roe from all injurious trash - pure and elevated in the highest degree, and worthy a placo on the tables of the most refined and virtuous. The bettcr portion of the public and the press, have bestovved upon it the most unqualifind commendation. The volume commences with May and makes over 400 pages, with at least 24 illustrations. The Nos. may be exchanged at tho end of the year for bound volumes, at the office and clsovvhere, and, with the engraving, will ï-eadily sell for nn advance upon the cost - the subscribcr thus obtaining the rcading ot one of the best magazines tbr noíhing, nnd leaving a profit besides. The engraving is taken from TRUMBULL'S great pninting in the Rotunda at Washington, and contains the portraits of all the distinguished signers. lts size is 21 by 31 inches ; is engraved in Ormsby's bost style, and considered by good judges equal to any thing ot the kind in the country. - No American family should be deslitute of this work. Persons wiehing to save TWO DOLLARS or obtaiu this splcndid magazine for nothing, will please forward three dollars j)ost paid at once, and thus secure an early impression from the plate. The engraving can be sent to any part of the U. States, at i postago of 1G cents. N. B. Agents wanted to obtain subscribers for this Magmziae, and to sell tho Parlor 15ook. by J. T. Headley. Any paper to which the above is sent marUed, on giving it three conspicuous insertions, and sendios lis the numbers containing the same will bc entitled to a copy of this splehdid engraving. E. E. MILES, 135, Nassau street, 13-3w Clinton Hall.