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Elf Esteem

Created by Wendy and Richard Pini, ElfQuest changed the way that comics were done in the 1980’s. For starters, it was written and drawn by a woman, which was almost unheard of in the comics industry of the time. It was also one of the first indie comics to really become successful, and it was one of the first comic series to have a planned conclusion. The comic, written for a teen and adult audience, broke comic tropes by addressing complex matters. It’s also one of the longest running fantasy series ever. This summer, AADL is excited to host an exhibit of ElfQuest artwork! To find the exhibit, visit the Downtown library and head to the display cases in the basement. You’ll find your first code directly to your left when you enter the display area. It’s the large heading that an ElfQuest book is opened to. 

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Please remember that not all summer gamers use smartphones. Please make all the clues visible so we can find the answers without having to walk up and down the stairs to use a library computer to enter each code. (I was very fortunate that a mom and son were doing the badge when I was and she very graciously read out the clues to all of us.)

All the clues are visible! You can see them all on this page without entering any of the codes. You can print this page and take it with you to have all the clues handy when you explore the exhibit. Sorry for the hassle!

This is our favorite badge series. We love exploring new places in Ann Arbor. Lillie Park was especially cool! We were bummed that this week didn’t have a new explorer badge to earn. We will volunteer to make a badge for the upcoming week if one isn’t already in the works.

Thank you very much for writing out the clues. Very interesting to see I'm not the only one, Kathscot (often feel like I am!). Psgriffi, I love this Explorer series, too! Have fun!


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