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Downtown Fish Tank Pin Set

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 8:11am


That Zany Downtown Fish Tank Gang is at it again! Wow! Ann Arbor loves these FISHY CHARACTERS so much we've received approximately 14,153 emails, cards and letters to our funny finny FRENS. Book recommendations, life hacks, cute drawings, heartfelt missives... these TROPICAL FISH have seen it all! And we hope we're not projecting too much when we say we THINK THEY LOVE ALL THE ATTENTION... they practically JUMP out of their tank with joy and SKIP across the carpet! Seriously. This happened, and it was harrowing.

Shy Julie, Awkward Todd, Creepy Bob, and Mighty Trisha are ready to join you on a journey to WHEREVER IT IS YOU'RE GOING! Put them on your bag, on your clothes, on your tires... take them with you on your adventures... just like those smash-hit fish vacation badges... but FOR REAL!

Sort of. This set of 4 high-quality enamel pins can be yours for just 2000 Summer Game 2019 points, all summer long, thanks to the Friends of AADL.

2019 Summer Game Fish Enamel


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I suspect that these will get sold out pretty quickly. They look fantastic and are something everyone could want.


They are not allways in stock because sggiraffepants was freinds were scearching for it!

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Summer Game Item

2,000 SG2019 Points

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Monday, September 9, 2019
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