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AADL Mini Delivery Truck

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 8:16am

BEEP BEEP! What's that rolling down WILLIAM STREET right into your HEART? Why it's an adorable little AADL DELIVERY TRUCK, just the right size for toy car tracks. Now you can finally FULFILL YOUR DREAMS of seeing the Library's Delivery Truck LOOP THE LOOP, criss cross CRASH, or VAULT over your friendly neighborhood GUINEA PIG! Beep, beep... it's your DELIVERY PERKINS!

Filled with books, movies, music, tools, art, and more, the real AADL TRUCK runs the route to all 6 AADL Locations twice every day to get your requests to your pickup point, and your returns back on the shelf! With the AADL Mini Delivery Truck, you can print a map of Ann Arbor at 1/64th scale and make the Westgate Run in less than 36 FATHOMS! (1/64 scale map of the Ann Arbor District, measuring approximately 660 feet square, and 435,000 square foot unobstructed unfolding facility not included.) So, get your own AADL DELIVERY TRUCK and RUN THE ROUTE right on your kitchen table TODAY!

The AADL Mini Delivery Truck is available for just 5,000 Summer Game 2019 points, all summer long, thanks to the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library!


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Can you please give an approx size of the truck? Is it 'Matxhbox-size' or larger? Suitable for what ages? Thx!

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Summer Game Item

5,000 SG2019 Points

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Monday, September 9, 2019
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