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Roos Roast Super Summer Game Blend

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 8:21am

It's Summer, and Summer Game is here to make sure your Summer stays SUPER all SUPER SUMMER long! Yeah! Ok! And what goes better with UNCONVINCING ENTHUSIASM than a nice hot cup of COFFEE!

So from our HYPERCAFFIENATED FRIENDS at Ann Arbor's Own Roos Roast, "Home of the LOBSTER", comes a bag of their special SUPER SUMMER GAME BLEND, bagged up just for the SUMMER GAME SHOP, and ready to help you MAKE IT and/or FAKE IT as you see fit! This bag includes 4 ounces of very freshly roasted whole bean coffee, and unlike a normal day at the Roos Roast Cafe, no avocados were harmed in the making of this summer game item.

A 4 oz. Bag of Roos Roast Super Summer Blend is available for 5,000 Summer Game 2019 points, all summer long, thanks to the Friends of AADL.

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Are they willing to reveal where the beans were grown? Or any kind of flavor profile? The coffee drinker at my house is kind of particular, because some are naturally more acidic than others and those hurt his stomach.

Yeah, but will there be chocolate this year? I like chocolates.

Is production a one time thing or repeated over the summer? I would like to order several bags over the summer to make sure they are as fresh as possible.

That was our hope. However the bags have still not arrived so we are pushing this back into next week. As soon as we have the bags in hand for filling we will post this in the shop. Stay tuned for Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, and no worries; unlimited stock on this item. Thanks for your patience and we're sorry for the delay!

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Summer Game Item

5,000 SG2019 Points

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Monday, September 9, 2019
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