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2019 AADL Glass Bottle

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 8:23am

You said it, and WE LISTENED! You cried out for a 100% Glass Water Bottle! You sought drinkware that looked SO GOOD, you could even use it in a FANCY KITCHEN, to hold, I don't know, spaghetti or a stylish LADLE or something. Featuring a refreshing design that is NOT EVEN REMOTELY EVOCATIVE OF A SPORTING AESTHETIC, this glass wonder is perfect for beverages of all types, most particularly POTABLE WATER!

Looking right at home in your WATER BOTTLE POCKET, automotive CUPHOLDER, sophisticated DESKSCAPE, or fitting in in the Kitchen with all the other counterinstitutions, this 18 ounce bottle, measuring 9" tall and 2.5" in diameter, is 100% Borosilicate Glass, BPA-free, and includes a STAINLESS STEEL LID of such striking SLEEKNESS your friends and neighbors will be immediately SLEEKLY STRUCK!

The 2019 AADL Glass Bottle is available for 10,000 Summer Game 2019 points, all summer long, thanks to the Friends of AADL.


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Summer Game Item

10,000 SG2019 Points

Last Day to Order
Monday, September 9, 2019
(22 days left)