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2019 Summer Game Baseball Tee

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 8:29am

OK y'all, almost no jokes here!

In addition to our lovely LOGO T-SHIRT, we also have big news for you... a premium, 3/4 sleeve shirt, with that amazing SUMMER GAME art right on it! It's so good-looking it's like a FRAMED PICTURE. But there are some things you need to know, so...


All Summer Game Shirts are MADE TO ORDER and take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to come in. Because of this, there are a few things different about ordering this item.

1. If you order a Shirt, nothing in your order will be ready until your Shirt comes in. So if you don't want to wait on non-shirt item, ORDER YOUR SHIRTS ON THEIR OWN ORDER. Don't order a shirt and other items in the same cart. Capisce?

2. Because of the lead time, THE LAST DAY TO ORDER SHIRTS WILL BE SUNDAY, AUGUST 25th! After Midnight on Sunday August 25th, we won't be able to accept any more Shirt orders for the 2019 Summer Game Shop.

3. All Summer Game Shop Orders are Final! No returns, sorry! Use the sizing chart to be sure you're getting a size that you'll like!

Thank you for reading this elaborate and mostly-accurate small-text missive, it's almost like you're reading the ANN ABBOB ABUUS.

The 2019 Summer Game Baseball Tee is available for 25,000 Summer Game 2019 points, through Sunday, August 25th, thanks to the Friends of AADL.

Baseball Tee Colors

Adult Sizing Chart:

Baseball Shirt Adult Sizing Chart


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These are beautiful! I was hoping for something with longer sleeves, and I was also hoping for something with the beautiful logo for this year. I appreciate the color choices! I don't think the shop link is working right. The only way I can see this page is through the blog. Also, what are the dimensions for XS?

Right around 7:05, I couldn't see any items at the shop. I can see the items at the shop now. So, maybe it just took a couple minutes to load or something. I'm not a computer person. LOL. Thank you.

Also, I noticed that the items don't have the number of items left to order. Does that mean that the items are always available?

Is there a way to enlarge the images that I just didn't manage to figure out? I'd like to get a better idea of how the sleeve colors look with the printed design.

Hi there, if you right click on the image you can open it in a new tab and see a slightly larger version. We only have mockups of these, not actual photos, so it doesn't get much better than what you see here.

Is it possible to purchase this item using combined points from several players on the same account (family)? Otherwise, we likely won't reach 25k points. Thanks for the feedback.

how do you order this? do you just add to cart and at the end of the summer you order it????

Order it whenever you'd like, so long as it's before August 26th. We've already submitted our July Shirt Order, so it doesn't matter when you place your order now; your shirt will arrive in mid-September. But adding to your cart doesn't do anything. Thanks for asking!

Hi! Are there any sample shirts at the libraries? Softness of the shirt is a factor for me and seeing the shirt will also help me choose a size. Thanks!

Hi there, we're sorry, but we don't have any samples, these shirts are made to order. It is a very soft and comfortable fabric. You can probably spot it on some staffers with the logo; it's different art but the same shirt. Hope that helps, sorry not to have a better answer!

I just got my shirt yesterday! The shirt itself is awesome - super soft, and lightweight without being sheer. I was a bit surprised/disappointed with the coloration of the print. Everything had a pink hue to it. It looked like when you try to print something, and one of your printer's ink cartridges are low/out. Hopefully they're not all like that because I'd really like to order another one!

Please clarify - Is the last day to order t-shirts 8/25 (as listed in the t-shirt item descriptions) or 8/26 (as listed in the SG blog post last Friday 8/16/19? Thx!

Thanks for asking; my mistake! Sunday, 8/25 at midnight is the T-shirt order cutoff. I had fixed it in the blog post last friday, but not in the summary of the blog post that most people see, so thanks for catching that!

2019 Summer Game Baseball Tee image

Summer Game Item

25,000 SG2019 Points

Last Day to Order
Sunday, August 25, 2019
(7 days left)