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Zelda Fest Scavenger Hunt - Save the Library

This badge can be earned at Zelda Fest on Sunday, August 11!

*This event is passed and the badge can no longer be earned*

Welcome to the Temple of BOOKS and KNOWLEDGE here at the AADL! During this BADGE you will gather items to help you on your QUEST, meet at least ONE FRIEND, and hopefully SAVE THE LIBRARY from being taken over! If you are ready for your DESTINY, go ahead and enter IACCEPTMYDESTINY as your first code!


For the first part of your quest, you hear a tiny voice telling you to come to the youth room. Head over to the fairies to find your tiny companion. 

Once you have Navi, she tells you that you need to find Princess Zelda and help her save the library. To help her, you'll need a sword and a shield. To find the shield, head over to the youth graphic novels and search for the Legend of Zelda graphic novels.

After you find the shield, head over to the teen fiction books to find the master sword.

Now you are equipped and ready to meet Princess Zelda! Head to the second floor and try to find another famous Zelda on the nonfiction side of the library.

Zelda has filled you in on Ganondorf's attempt to take over the library. He's on the fourth floor waiting for you, but to defeat him you'll need an item from the third floor. Sneak up through the third floor and see if you can find a magazine about gaming that can help you.

Now that you have a sword, a shield, a book of knowledge, and a few friends to help you, head off to the fourth floor for your final battle. Take on Ganondorf and save the library!!! (There is no actual battling, totally just a code beside a poster.)

Thank you for saving the library! Now you can relax and enjoy the sounds of The Seven Sages in the Multipurpose room and make a craft in the secret lab!

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Got to the library at ten to five after work, and was running around like Epona on meth. Got all the codes with a minute to go. Great fun.


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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