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Oh ! swcet lis the prayer of devotion Come? 1 1 1 v song, fair eiichantress, to mo ; And qleaving through misis of the ocean, I quicken iny pinions for thee. I knoiv that no day-breze has dallied Unreptoved wjth thy ringlete of jet, Sincc the ïnoon When so ;iily I safliéd Froin thy lips vvith niy deW kisses wet. That I love thet - I ciiuiiu; dis(jBii)lle - l won ld nut. even it' l mighf - ■ At thy touch dotli noy h;;ht pinion tremblo And my voice murmura low nt thy sight. Though boni for the p;ithVfiy of Heiiven RTy wring ever ehadows the lea, If I rise witli the light cloitde of tven, I soar - but to waoder to thee, I've siorted in etergreen bowevs, Wilh blissoms sweet-scentec! and gay, And I've toyod, mid these beautiful flowors, With beinga ns peerless as they : But nouglit did I ever discover, Whose nature peein'd nearer divine, Than tlie lip of my warm-faearted lover Whon its kissea ure iningled w"n mine. Then no more, "whure the wild bee ishumining" Stay to " sil" and to " hston in viiin ;" I ehail come - oven iioiv I am coming To fundió and fan theo again. Bungor. Maine, M;iy, I, 1848.