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To catch this badge, you're gonna have to catch a ride on over to UofM's HATCHER GRADUATE LIBRARY! And you're gonna need to dress appropriately because 1) you have to leave your house and 2) it's gonna be all about CLOTHES! And FASHION! And ILLUSTRATIONS OF CLOTHES and fashion in 19th century Europe! It's the Divide & Clothe exhibit at Hatcher! To find the exhibit, visit Hatcher Graduate Library on UofM's main campus. The address is 913 S. University Avenue. The exhibit is located in the Audubon Room on the first floor and is open through August 23rd.  
Hours are:
 Mon-Fri 8:30am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 1-6pm. It's all wheelchair and stroller accessible from the South Entrance, with use of elevators and ramp (ask at the info desk for directions to Audubon Room). You don't have to be fashionable, but you do need to wear clothes! So get dressed and get going!

Once you've found the Audubon Room (ask at one of the Hatcher info desks if you're not sure), you'll walk through the double doors to enter the room. Grab a brochure on the podium to your left by the benches - it is illuminating and handy for this badge! Then head over to the large poster with the title of the exhibit: "Divide & Clothe." Read the poster - it's interesting! Then pay special attention to the first paragraph, which describes how the rise of widely-circulating fashion plates accelerated the pace of changing fashion trends. But, it goes on to explain that, "the early nineteenth century also witnessed a rising interest in traditional clothing not subject to fashion's rapid changes. These types of clothes became subsumed in the category of _________." Find the word that fills in the blank - that is your first code!

Do you wear costumes or fashion? Hmmm, I wonder where jeans would fall into these two categories... Anyway, let's shimmy on over to the display case to the right of the poster. It's got a great big label at the top that says "Fashion" and it's full of totally fascinating books with illustrations of the latest styles, cuts, and designs for fashionable ladies and gents. One of these books actually contains FABRIC SWATCHES! They helped people really get a feel (literally) for the new materials being discussed. Find your code on this page with the swatches - just underneath them there is a date. The month is "Dec" and the YEAR is your code!

On the far right portion of this same display case is a section about Parodies of Fashion in Print. One of the items on the bottom shelf (second over from the far right) features some frankly goofy-looking men getting ready for their day. Parodies like this sometimes took the norm of making fun of women's fashion and flipped it on its head. Here, one dude is complaining that his pants don't fit, while another is cinching his waist. There was a term for ultra-fashionable dudes like these. Look at the title of the illustration to figure out just who is dressing. The whole title (two words) is your code!

Keeping up with fashion is just SO. MUCH. WORK. There are the hot new silhouettes! There are the even hotter undergarments to support them! Is that LAST month's shade of blue? And where are you gonna put all those accessories??? Let's move on to the next display case (keep moving to the right - it's on the next wall). This one is labeled "Costume" and features traditional styles that didn't change with the weather like the fashions did. The middle section of the display shows depictions of regional costumes. One of these depicts a Scottish man wearing eye-catching stockings and a kilt, while playing the bagpipes. The title on the page opposite this illustration is your next code!

The 19th century was a wild fashion ride and it turns out that fashion illustration had a lot to do with that!!! We can still feel the impact of this surge in fashion illustration during this period. Just think about the proliferous stacks of fashion magazines that line store shelves today (and don't even get us started on the INTERNET!). Cruise on back over to the large poster where you started. Immediately to the left of it, there is another poster with timelines of important developments in technology, history, and culture. In the timeline labeled "Culture," there are a number of fashion-influencing publications listed. The NAME of the last of these (the very last thing in the timeline) is your final code. This magazine was first published in 1867 and is still publishing, and influencing, to this day!

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