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Supreme Review Master

Submit 500 reviews on items in the AADL catalog. 

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How has somebody earned this?!?!

On second thought, in past years in the Supreme Review Master badge, you had to submit reviews on 1000 items, so this isn't too bad. And multiple people earned that.

Why is there not a badge for 1,000 reviews? I’m really close to hitting 1,000 reviews to books, movies, and shows that I have read or watched. I have worked really hard to get to 1,000, and I’m disappointed that the 1,000 badge wasn’t offered this year. It was a ton of work and time.

Thank you so much for all your reviews! Why don't you about it when you hit your milestone. From a game design standpoint, we decided to nerf the badge thresholds for reviews because they were incentivizing some very crappy review grinding. I'm sure that's not the case for you, so we can certainly work something out. =)

Would you get points next summer for doing these in the off-season?

Having read WAY too many reviews like "ffgg" and "great," I think this badge is still incentivizing some very crappy review grinding.

That's a good suggestion. Reviews are certainly headed for a nerfin' over the off season, and we have some ideas about how to do it. Stay tuned, and thanks for your suggestion!


Hi, will those who have written reviews receive a kind of score to know in general how their reviews were graded. Also those who have reviewed reviewers : Will there be any feedback for those?
Thanks for all your (that’s plural for all the staff who worked on this big thing!) work!

Truly, who reviews the reviewers who review reviews? There is a bonus for reviews that get reviewed as amazing 10 or more times, but we see that that is not working right. Reviews are in for a major adjustment for SG 2020... which some are calling SGX... so stay tuned, and thanks for asking! Your feedback is very helpful to the process!

It's definitely an improvement that the number of reviews needed for this badge is 500, but I think that it should be 100. Any more than that actively encourages very short and bad quality reviews.


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