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SHOP NEWS: All About Classic Shop Drops... and AUCTIONS??!?

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 5:45pm by eli

GOOD EVENING SUMMER GAME FAITHFUL! We have some good news, and some bad news, and some just news. GOOD NEWS FIRST! Out of nowhere, a new CLASSIC SHOP ITEM has appeared! It is not super-exciting but it is TOTALLY NEW to the Summer Game Shop! If you're a Skatepark Fan, or perhaps became one last weekend at the Summer Game Spectacular, you can EMBLAZON SOMETHING with a Skatepark Sticker or Three! Only a limited quantity is available, but take a look in the Classic Shop for the Skatepark Sticker Set!

Now the bad news; we're not ready to accept Coffee orders yet. Don't blame our pals at Roos Roast, this one's on us. The bags for the coffee have not yet arrived and we don't think we'll be ready to ship Coffee next packing day, so we're delaying the opening of Coffee orders a few more days so that orders don't get mixed up. We didn't want to make you wait until next Friday, but oh well... if you're desperate for Coffee, keep your eyes on the shop (updated, sorry) Friday 7/26 at 7 PM . It's all about the FRESHEST coffee and the LEAST LOGISTICAL COMPLEXITY in that order, so stay tuned, and thanks for your patience! We're so sorry for the delay!

So, here, for your ANTICIPATORY PLEASURE, is (most of) the Classic Shop Drop schedule for the rest of Summer Game 2019. We're focused on keeping the number of items in the shop at once down, as that leads to ERRORS and UNCERTAINTY, but we want you to have a crack at a lot of great stuff from years past. The items in the Classic Shop right now will stay up until sold out or until 7/31, whichever comes first. Then, here are our two other major CLASSIC SHOP DROPS and what they'll contain:

  • Friday, August 2nd, 7 PM:
    • 2018 Pinteel Umbrella
    • 2018 Pint Glass
    • 2018 Pocket Boombox Bluetooth Speaker
    • S.G. Giraffepants
    • 2018 Emoji Hackey Sack
    • Used Heavy-Duty Stories-to-go Bags
  • Friday, August 23rd, 7PM:
    • Secret Lab Field Notes Notebook
    • Multicolor Beachy Ball
    • 2017 Cray Cray Crayon
    • Ancient Bird Sliding Puzzle
    • 2015 Red Ultrapremium Logo Messenger Bag
    • Keyring Beverage Wrench

Those are the big ones! We also have some of our RARE and HIGHLY DESIRABLE Vintage Buttons from the ancient history of AADL; these will appear in the shop on Fridays when there isn't another Classic Shop Drop, starting next week. These are very limited quantity and are priced for the HIGH ROLLERS among you who treasure PRICELESS and BIZARRE AADL Memorabilia!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! We're experimenting with some Silent Auctions of Artwork for points at our SUMMER GAME MIXERS as the Summer goes on, leading up to something VERY SPECIAL and UNIQUE at the Game Over Gala on August 31st! If you're able to attend that event, you may be able to BID WITH YOUR POINTS on both treasures from the Summer Game Shop, and works of Art that have previously been part of AADL Exhibits! We're hoping to have both silent and live points auctions at that event, so CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS, players! 

Hopefully that is almost ENOUGH INFO about what the Summer Game Shop has to offer this Summer; as always, let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!



p.s. If you're read this far, it's because you're observant and studious. And you're surely wondering about some weird stuff in the 2019 shop descriptions. All will be revealed with the August 2nd badge drop!


Have all the 2019 Shop items dropped, or will there be any new releases over the summer? I'm strategically planning my points allocations for maximum happiness quotient ^_^

Thank you very much for the Classic Shop drop schedule!! It is super helpful!

How big is S.G. Giraffepants? From the old images I've been able to find on Google, it looks like this fella is about a third of the size of S.G. Unicornpants, is that about right? (and related question: can S.G. Giraffepants fit in the hood of S.G. Unicornpants..?)

S.G. Giraffepants is a "Sidekick Shorty", they're about 4" tall but have no legs. S.G. Unicornpants is about 6" tall but has permanently seated legs, so if it could stand it would be much taller than a Sidekick Shorty. I would say that the butt of a Sidekick Shorty can fit in S.G. Unicornpants' hood, but it's a bit snug, and most of it would still be sticking out. I hope this is helpful info; thanks for the question!

Question about tracking orders on the summer game shop: WHERE do we find the status of an order? The email msg says "If you need to check the status of your order, please visit our home page at Summer Game Shop and click on 'My account' in the menu" but I don't see anything about orders on My Account. There's a link from that to My Summer Game player page, but I don't see any details about my order there either. What am I missing?

On a related note, the email msg takes us to this help page:
but the Summer Game Shop links don't work (go to a page with "you are not authorized" or some such).

Hmmmm. Good question, what happened to that link? We will investigate and update the email. You will get an email when your order is ready for pickup, within 1-2 weeks unless you ordered a shirt. Emails go out Fridays around noon. Sorry for the hassle!

Good news, everyone! We've added a link to "My Shop Orders" under My Summer Game on your My Account page. This is under quick links when viewing on mobile. You can see the status of your orders there. Thanks for asking!

Great, this is helpful. However, using firefox in MacOS the formatting of the "status" column is a bit weird in the detail view for an order. It looks like multiple lines of text (or at least multiple words) are overwriting each other.

Any idea how many points the "used heavy duty stories to go bags" will cost? Also, are these the big canvas bags?

I think this round is nylon / polyester not canvas, but I'm not certain. They're likely to be at least 20,000 points as they've been very popular in the past. Stay tuned for photos and pricing this Friday 8/2 at 7 PM!

What's the point range going to be of the art pieces at the auction at the Game Over Gala? Also, what medium will they be in?

We have photographs and drawings, mostly things that have been part of AADL exhibits in the past. Bidding will likely start at 1000 points. We'll also have some silent auctions at the gala for some rare summer game shop relics! Don't miss it!

Wow. Thanks for bearing with us and answering all our ridiculous (understated) questions!
Here's one more, from an impatient coffee drinker . .
I ordered coffee on Tuesday, August 6.
I thought I read somewhere that orders were filled on Fridays?
My order is still pending - so it missed last Friday - will it be filled this Friday (August 16)?
Thank you thank you!

Hi there, no problem! The cutoff for each week's orders is Monday so there's time to get that week's coffee bagged up. Your order should be ready this friday, with coffee bagged fresh this week. Thanks for asking!

Is the Secret Lab Field Notes Notebook like any other notebook or is there something special to it

Hi again, May! Field Notes are a thing. It's a totally normal little paper notebook, but if you google (or as you kids say, "search up") field notes kraft you'll see what they look like. Don't get excited when you see all the different types available; what we have is a field notes kraft with the secret lab logo on the back, and that's what this item is. I'd ask if you have any other questions, but I'm certain that you do! =) Thanks for asking!

May, you are not just magical, but also amazing. When I say ancient, I mean we got these in like 2006 or something. Their origin is shrouded in the mists of time. It's just some artwork of a bird-like thing on a standard sliding puzzle. Does that help?

Have you ever taken a stiff drink while shopping online, then gotten a package a few days later and don't understand why you ordered that? In related news, I now have like two dozen Ann Arbor Skate Park bumper stickers.

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