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AAPL Reading Frog (early 1990s)

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 7:04pm

Would you get a load of this literate amphibian! He's just sitting there, on his stump, reading his book, and along come a pair of identical twin bipedal ladybugs. Most frogs would just snap them right up, but not this guy! He's just sitting there, clearly having stopped reading, frowning in puzzlement, trying to decide what to do next. He knows if he goes for one ladybug, he'll probably get it, but the other will walk away, upright and unscathed. If he doesn't start reading again soon, they're going to get bored and saunter off. But our frog is clearly a thinking frog, after all, he is holding a book, and we know that means he is smart. So he's clearly formulating a plan to lull the lady bugs to sleep by slowly croaking out the rest of Frog and Toad do Lunch or whatever he's pretending to read so he can EAT THEM BOTH AT ONCE!

And of course, the hidden truth is that frogs can't even read, he was just trying a novel approach in hopes of attracting a female of the species.

This Square Button features a sturdy fiberboard backing, spring steel pinback, and the opportunity to show your support for amphibians improving their quality of life through literature. This button is rated as [odd but enticing] on the awesomeness scale and [relatively common] on the rarity scale.

The #10 AAPL Reading Frog button is available to serious collectors of buttons or amphibians, while supplies last, for 15,200 Summer Game points.

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