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AAPL Happy Axolotl (1993)

Fri, 07/19/2019 - 7:32pm

Ok, before we get stuck in a rut of Heron / Crane gags, only with Salamanders and Newts, let's make one thing clear: this thing is only SORT OF a Salamander. Yes, this happy little aquatic fellow is an Axolotl, a certain type of salamander that reaches maturity without metamorphosizing into its adult stage, meaning that they keep their childhood gill stalks and get to laugh and play underwater FOREVER! No wonder he's so happy, just floating there, so relaxed, next to that coral thingy. Rock on, you Axolotl! ROCK ON.

This Charming Round Button features a shiny metal backing, spring steel pinback, and the opportunity to dabble in neoteny every time you look at his permanently juvenile vestige! This button is rated as [completely wonderful] on the awesomeness scale and [somewhat common] on the rarity scale.

The #12 AAPL Happy Axolotl Button is available to serious Button Collectors, while supplies last, for 17,314 Summer Game points.

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17,314 Points

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