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Madoff Like A Bandit

Bernie Madoff pulled off the largest Ponzi scheme in world history, scamming a record-breaking $64.8 BILLION DOLLARS. And when it all fell apart, it was, as they say in finance, a TOTAL bummer.

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I have the first answer but no matter how I format it the code doesn't work. Or are we supposed to search in the catalog using the answer? (Also, according to Wikipedia, it would be $42,000 in today's money, not $41,000).

I have looked for the FOUNDATION FOR HUMANITY and can't find it. wickipedia says it doesn't exist. Any suggestuions. Thanks.

The info you are looking for should be on the Bernie Madoff Investment Scandal Wikipedia page, or googling "Foundation for Humanity" should bring you results with the founder's name in the title. If you're still stuck, the founder (whose name is the name you should search in the catalog to find your next clue) won the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize. Good luck!

I found an item that seems a perfect match for the third one. E_____ W_______ F_______ P________S____. But it says the item is not found. Any tips, anybody?


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