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Badge Drop #7: Badge Buffet

Fri, 07/26/2019 - 12:00pm by SaraP

It's been a wild ride out there since our last badge drop. We had our FAIR SHARE of Art Fair, a HEALTHY HELPING of 100 degree heat, and a slice of humidity pie that was basically the WHOLE PIE. All of it served up with a sizable dollop of severe thunderstorms and power outages long enough to rot all the food in our fridges. Oh and a downtown car fire for dessert.

That's it, SUMMER. We're THROUGH. We're THROWING IN THE TOWEL (after we wring all our sweat and tears out of it). You can take your rainbows and your unicorns and...

OMG WAIT. The POWER is BACK ON. And so is the GAME! And we're starving from lack of well-stocked refrigerators! And speaking of fire, we've lit this whole thing on fire with a SMORGASBORD of EDIBLE BADGES to feed your Summer Game soul!


World of Sesame Wasabi Bites
You've got Fishmail Stix

Soups and Salads:
Historic Michigan Salad w/ Cherries and Bleu Cheese
Romanov Rumpus Salad w/ Russian Dressing
Ark Fin Soup

Mer-Mayday Filet
Sloppy Joe My Goodness Sliders
Get Your Rec on Rye

Berry Madoff Blintz
Joke Jam Cobbler


What's that you say? You want regular old badges made of POINTS and NOT FOOD??? Ah. Ok. Sorry folks, we were so hungry we forgot what's what. SOOOOO.....let's try this again.

We've lit this whole 100% INEDIBLE BADGE DROP on fire with THESE sizzling selections...

Badge Drop #7:

World of SesameHistoric Michigan!You've got Fishmail! Joe My GoodnessMer-MaydayWherefore Ark Thou?Romanov Rumpus Madoff Like A BanditJoke JamsGet Your Rec On!


We, at Summer Game central, are here to take your orders (at least, your prize shop orders) and serve up ALL of this week's badges!!! Go forth, dear players, and GOBBLE THEM UP!!!

But before you do, let us gather round this humble feast and say "THANK YOU for PLAYING!"




But I don't see any vintage pins or buttons in the Classic Game Shop. Are they forthcoming?

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