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Doggone Duos

Now that we are squarely in the middle of the DOG DAYS of summer it’s time to get even doggier with this week’s Buddy System badge!  

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I'm having a difficult time completing the final clue, as the exact breed of Einstein is unknown. I haven't had much luck plugging in various guesses from the internet. There are also many long-coated herding breeds, so the hint hasn't been helpful for me. Could I please have some help?

There's a wiki fandom page for Einstein that DOES list his breed. Also the hint is VERY key. The capitalized word is a reference to another famous movie dog who is the SAME breed as Einstein. Lastly, the hint mentions an additional dog breed that herds a particular animal. This animal plus the word DOG is the breed you need. Thanks for playing!

I still had a difficult time with the last one, even with this extra hinting here. According to, "His exact breed is under debate by fans; common theories suggest a mixed-breed, a Berger Picard, a Briard with uncropped ears, or a breed of sheepdog." The hint being "The dog breed name is the same as what the border collies do but SHAGGY", I thought "herding" and tried for variations on "Shaggy Herding Dog," and googled that. That hint on its own doesn't point toward an animal border collies herd: it says the same as what they DO. Seeing your answer here, I checked & _The Shaggy Dog_ movie's dog was a bearded collie--- at least in the most recent film by that name. Turns out the 1959 one had a different breed, which is maybe what a border collie IS, but not what it does. All this to say, this clue is at best misleading & no-fun confusing, even including the hint, and even including your answer about the hint.


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