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For the FIRST time the LEGO Contest is on a SUNDAY! Attend the 14th Annual LEGO Contest at the Kensington Hotel (at Briarwood) @ 3500 S. State Street anytime between 4PM and 6PM on Sunday August 4th, and locate the GAME CODE to earn this badge!  You will also get to VOTE on the People's Choice Winners!

More details here!

Participants will get a special game code for entering AND then the winners have an additional game code!

PLUS for you enamel pin collectors, we'll have a special enamel pin you can only get at this event!

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You list the day and time but not the DATE. Please add the date of the event. I LUV this event and don't want to miss it! Thx!

i plan to come i am going camping but will still make it back in time to go for a few hours. This event has been my favorite for many years

Well done to all the master builders who entered the contest. We saw some very cool and imaginative structures today!


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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