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Blinded by the Light

Michigan has more lighthouses than ANY other state! Isn't that AMAZING?! Many of these lighthouses are still operational and still help ships navigate the Great Lakes! Let's learn about a few of these GREAT lighthouses in this badge!

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When I search for the answer to the second clue (tallest lighthouse) and click on the first item in the search results, I get the following message: "Sorry, the item you are looking for couldn't be found."

Need some help with second clue. I got few codes from earlier badge and 4th and 5thone while looking for second clue. I Searched for "L..... S....P.... lighhouse and fro B..S....P.... Lighthouse too but cant find the code

Clue 2: According to google, the WSL (the required answer) at 121ft is not the tallest lighthouse in MI; the Rock of Ages Lighthouse on Lake Superior (130 ft) is.

Hi @ginnyb60, it can be a little confusing because there are a few different ways to consider the heights of lighthouses! It depends on if you consider the base that the lighthouse stands on or not. For purposes of this question, we were considering total height of the lighthouse, including whatever it stands on, which is the most common way to measure lighthouse height. You can see a list of tallest lighthouses in the United States here:…, and the White Shoal Light does appear before the Rock of Ages!


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