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Ernie & Bert

Bert and Ernie are everyone's favorite buddies! Their antics have entertained Sesame Street viewers for generations. I mean, who doesn't love their rendition of "That's What Friends Are For"??? It's the BEST! And does anyone remember when Bert is trying to sleep because Ernie made him go on a 5-mile hike earlier in the day, but Ernie wants to stay awake talking? That spurs the classic song "You Are Sleeping!" Even if you DON'T remember these classics, we're sure you love Ernie and Bert, and we're going to hang out with them in this badge!

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Follow the clues and search the AADL catalog to find game codes in items! Enter the game codes to get the next clue that leads you to the next item. You might try the GO! Badge if you're not sure how to get catalog badges. Thanks for asking, and thanks for playing!

I got mildly stuck on clue #1. Note that you could spell the first word with a -y or an -ie. If you don't find the right code with one spelling of that word, try the other one.



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