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Furstenberg Feat

The last Arbor Explorer park badge is here! It’s the last month of the game so we want to give everyone enough time to make the trip. Furstenberg Nature Area is a 38-acre park containing wetlands, woodlands, prairie, and oak savannah. It is located on Fuller Road just West of Gallup Park.  However, you will want to park in the lot a little further down off Fuller Road - across from Huron High School.   This map shows you where the parking lot is located off of Fuller.

This badge's park is mostly flat on concrete, dirt, boardwalk and gravel paths. There are some rocky and muddy sections.  A half-mile paved trail loops through the park, and a granular trail goes through the prairie and woods, connecting to 1/4 mile of wetland boardwalk. You will be walking approximately one mile and it will take 30-60 minutes depending on your speed.

Once you have parked your car, look for the wooden sign at the far left from the parking lot facing AWAY from the Fuller Rd entrance - along the cement path. It's on the eastern end of the lot - closest to the Gallup Park end. You will start here to look at the map and locate your first game code.  Take a look at the map to get an idea of the shape of park. Then look at the sign to the left of the map about the diverse flora and fauna at Furstenberg and look for the plant marked 7 in a green circle. The two word name of this plant is your first game code.

Now let’s start our walk by taking the path to the right of the sign. Stay on it until you pass a picnic table on the right and take it into the woods. Stay on the concrete path until you get to a fork - take the path on your left - stop at the sign that says NO BICYCLES and locate the sign underneath it for your next game code. On the sign listing information about fishing bass on the lower left in a box with a picture of a fish it says “adult fish need to…” “ they can hatch” The three words in the middle of this sentence are your second game code.

Just ahead on the path you will see a wooden dock with a view of the Huron River. Locate the bench in this railed area. This bench is dedicated in loving memory to  I.R. Titunick. The year of their birth and the year of their death are your third game code (a total of 8 digits).

Now take the dirt path to your left that runs along the Huron River - the one marked with the brown sign that says "Welcome to Furstenberg Park Nature Area."  You will pass one wooden bench - keep going. Locate the plaque on the next bench you find on your left - it’s not wood and sort of orange. This bench is in loving memory of Marvin Selin. The last three words in the bottom line of the plaque are your fourth game code.

Keep going - you will eventually get to boardwalk - keep going. You will find a bench on your right - locate the plaque. The bench is dedicated to Anne Warner. The month and year of the dedication are your fifth game code.

Continue on the boardwalk. When the boardwalk ends and the gravel path starts - take it to the right keeping the Huron River on your right. You will come upon a bench facing the river dedicated to Charles Michael Hogan. The last two words on the bottom of the plaque are your sixth game code. This bench faces one of the best trees along the Huron - it’s a lovely spot.

Keep going on the gravel path and watch for muddy spots. The path will come to a split and you want to keep going to your left heading back in a circle to where you came from. The path to the right are the bridges to Gallup Park.  Locate the sign that talks about what the boardwalk is made of. The two words on the fourth line of the sign are your seventh game code.

Continue on and look for the bench on your left dedicated to Karen Genter Hart. The first two words on the plaque are your eighth game code.

Keep going and look for the bench on the left in memory of Heather Tomlinson. The first two words on the plaque are your next game code (ignore the punctuation). This is your ninth and final game code.

Keep going until the path hits the boardwalk (where you came from) and take it back to the beginning. You will follow the path along the Huron River and then turn right to get back to the path to the parking lot.




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It was a beautiful day to complete this badge! It looks like the original plan changed because halfway through it says you’ll be finding the last clue but then it continues.

Glad you enjoyed the day. We're not sure what you mean by plans changing - this is a loop trail and you had to return to your car after you covered the loop. And since you were covering ground you already covered we weren't going to point you towards the same signs again - and we aim for a certain # of game codes per explorer badge. Thanks for playing!

Erin - I see what they meant: The 2nd to last sentence in clue #6 says: "The last two words on the bottom of the plaque are your last game code." But, it's only clue #6 (clue #9 correctly says it's the last code). Hope this helps. I loved the walk!

Lovely walk. I walked leisurely and stopped to take pictures several times and it took me 35 mins. THANK YOU AADL for getting us outside and into our city's beautiful parks!

We did this badge this morning. It was a lovely walk! Note that there is a lot of poison ivy.

I found this clue confusing: When you are at the dock, it says, "Take the dirt path to your left along the Huron River." I assumed that I should stand on the dock and go left, but this was wrong. You need to be facing the dock, and the river, and then go to *that* left. (Going the wrong way leads you into a lot of poison ivy.)

Also a BIG POINT OF CONFUSION we found is that the text at the top of the page says for the second clue, "Clue: Now let’s start our walk by taking the path to the right of the sign," while the text that pops up on-screen after you enter the first code says the same thing but it says LEFT instead of RIGHT. My vote is that you actually do want left there.

I hope this is useful and not just nitpicky!

Thanks for the feedback - the badge was play tested and we corrected the left/right issue in the overall main badge text and not the game code. We get the most feedback that most people are playing off the main page (either printed or off a smart phone, but not waiting for each code) so we didn't get it corrected as fast as we should. Thanks for playing!

We decided to call this the “leave you lost in the woods” badge! It was fun, but the badge finishes without any indication of how to get back. We kept walking straight and eventually came to familiar trail.

Tried to go twice. Traffic was so backed up on Fuller and we missed the turn into the park. It would have taken another 20-30 minutes just to get back to the park. Construction right across from entrance - unlucky timing.


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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