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Delvey 'Neath The Surface

Sometimes scams are things you DO - and sometimes scams are things you ARE. A lifestyle, if you will! This week's scammer wore a whole lot of hats! Designer hats. The fancy kind, with strings you don't need and buttons that do nothing. She was an heiress, businesswoman, art curator, compulsive liar, real estate buyer - what couldn't she do?! Yes, it was all very impressive. If you didn't look too deep. But, let's delve beneath the surface of Anna Delvey and seek out a scamdal!

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I am on the last clue and can't figure out why the state I found isn't working in the catalop. Help! : )

I found it by searching for a state that is home to The Big Apple and Queens! The item you are looking for can be found on the 1st page, although it is NOT the 1st result. The code can be found in a DVD that sends it love to this city! (I did not change the format to find this item)

Hope this helps!


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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