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Robo Buddies

Beep. BEEP boop. Beep bop BOOP. Do you hear what I hear?? It must be the sound of some of our favorite robot sidekicks!!! Have you ever sat down and tried to count just how many robo buddies there are out there??? WAY TOO MANY FOR ONLY FIVE CLUES!!! There are fancy new candidates like BB-8 and there are classics like Rosie the Robot. For now, let's get started with a vintage robot from a 1960's TV show who warns his people of impending danger (or just really bad ideas) by saying "Danger, Will Robinson!" Find the name of the TV show and look for a new version of it in the catalog!

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when I typed in Coruscant for clue 2, i looked at all of the books, but found no code. Can someone plz help?.....thanks!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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