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Stars Rising: Why U-M's Detroit Observatory Matters and Where It's Going


Friday October 11, 2019: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room


Why is an observatory in Ann Arbor named for Detroit? What made the Detroit Observatory a milestone for the University of Michigan and American higher education? How was the Observatory central to the growth of American astronomical science, when did it lose that role, and how did it get it back? And who were some of the people who made it all happen? Gary Krenz of the University’s Bentley Historical Library will explore these and other questions in this talk. In its 165-year history, the Observatory has gone through many transformations, and it is currently going through another—the construction of an addition to improve access, education, and programming. Krenz will also look at what that project entails and what lies ahead.

This event is in partnership with the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library.

This event will be recorded


Highly recommended! Gary has a deep and thorough knowledge of both UM History and the Detroit Observatory in particular. If you are interested in how the University developed along the unique path it took, or simply curious about why such a small building as the Detroit Observatory has been (and remains!) such a big deal, this is a great opportunity : )