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Making Your Market

This year the Ann Arbor Farmers Market turns 100 years old.  100!  That's a pretty long time to be selling amazing fruits and vegetables and flowers and baked goods and dairy and all the other great things you've been able to get there for a CENTURY!  To celebrate that century, AADL and the Farmers Market have put together a history exhibit on the second floor of the Downtown Library.  Go check it out...and while you are there, take a walk through these clues and get yourself this badge!

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The second clue says to look on the second panel, you actually need to look at the third panel to find the answer.

Hi there, could you please write out all the clues? I'll print this out to take to the library. Thanks!

Writing out all the clues is great, but the second clue gives away the first code...might want to change it to just "the original market" or the like.


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