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Brilliant Baseball

1969 was a crazy year for lots of people, but especially for BASEBALL fans! One team in particular shocked the country when they went from being only an okay team in previous years to WINNING THE WORLD SERIES in '69! Let's find out more about this underdog team and their amazing season.

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For the second clue, use their home stadium for the year they won the World Series, NOT their current home stadium. :)

Ah! I'm really lost on the last one. Is it asking how many times they won in the whole series? I tried about 6 different numbers for that(and yes I spelled them out), a clue or something please?

Hi @Lucy.m.t, you need to figure out how many games it took the Mets to win the World Series against the Orioles. Out of a potential seven game series, how many games did the Mets have to play to win? (Hint: it's not four, and it's not six!)


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