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Badge Drop #12: MORE in STORE!

Fri, 08/30/2019 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's FINALLY the FINAL BADGE DROP of Summer Game 2019!

We all knew it would come, but the end is finally here! Our travels are coming to a close - but we've got PLENTY MORE in store before we say farewell for another year! Today marks the much-anticipated MASTER BADGE DROP!

Do YOU have incurable FOMO? Have YOU been keeping up with your badges all summer long, unable to bear missing out on a single pun? Then Master Badges are for you!! It's a badge you earn - no, it's a badge you've ALREADY EARNED - for finishing an entire badge series on the Badge List, and it comes with AN ENORMOUS POINT BONUS!

(Warning: Summer Gamemakers are not able to cure FOMO or suggest cures for FOMO or suggest cures for any other medical ailments or stubbed toes or strange rashes. Please consult your primary care physician.)

Badge Drop #12

Jolly BrancherGrover AchieverMitten MasterKing FisherEarl of SandwichBest BuddyTreasure TrackerSummer StunnerWorld LeaderRetro RecollectorBest In ShowPro ConGoblin KingArbor MasterAll Agog at the Gala

The game ends at MIDNIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT - you'll have to get your code-hunting and catalog-diving done by then!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the game, which means that tomorrow is ALSO one of the biggest events of the Summer Game, the GAME OVER GALA!  So stop by the Downtown Library tomorrow between 3 and 5 pm for badge coloring, a free photo booth, delicious cookies, and THE FINAL BUILDING-WIDE CODE-HUNT OF THE SUMMER!

OF COURSE there is more, literally, IN THE STORE! Check out what prizes are left to be purchased in the SUMMER GAME SHOP! Remember that the Shop will stay open until midnight on September 9th, so if you want to spend the next week deciding which AWESOME PRIZES you want to buy, then spend a little time today logging, exploring, catalog-hunting, rating, reviewing, reviewing other people's reviews--

Yikes! SO much still to do, but SO little Summer Game left!

Though it's time to say goodbye, don't forget to keep in touch! Come and visit PLAY.AADL.ORG to check up on rare tidbits of future Summer Game news!

And before we flip the GAME OVER switch tomorrow, we'd like to send you off on your post-summer travels with something from the bottom of our hearts...BON VOYAGE and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Before the summer game ends, I would like to ask some questions/make some suggestions. What happened to Download of the Day, the Points-O-Matic badges, the other modes that used to exist, and the Secret Shop, which I have a code for that I can't enter? Are they going to come back?

Hi again, I've been following you across the site answering your questions this morning! Download of the Day may be back someday but we have no plans to do so. It had very few players and was time-consuming to produce. Points-o-Matic is a work in progress; badges may return someday after we get more modes running again. As I said in the other thread, we have to rebuild it from scratch and there are other software projects that need to be done first. And the Secret Shop is gone forever, and the codes have expired. We want to make it easier for players to get great prizes, not harder. If you have any other questions, please feel free to directly. Thanks for playing!

Since I have the code for the secret shop, I really wish I could enter it, even without the actual secret shop. I have another question. How come the number of ways to earn points and how many points can be earned have both been decreased, but summer game shop prices have been increased or stayed the same? That doesn't quite sound like "making it easier for players to get prizes"...

I loved Friend Codes, but I think they were intended to connect with a handful of friends and then some of us (eg. me) went overboard with collecting them and ended up with thousands of points that the game-makers hadn't intended.

Yeah, friend codes won't be back. They broke the game and devalued the word friend at the same time, facebook couldn't have done better themselves! =) They were intended to be shared only in person, that's not just unenforceable but also not remotely workable. We have some new ideas for SGX next summer to encourage people to play together without creating a code-sharing frenzy, so stay tuned!

I'm so sorry you're not happy with the Summer Game, GCFB. More players are playing, and more points being earned than ever, and prices have not increased. Many classic shop items were cheaper in the classic shop than the year they were new. It's clearly made it easier for players to get prizes, as we're giving out so many of them. I know you don't like being limited to 4 new prizes per player, but we've found it really works to make sure there's enough prizes for everyone. Thanks for your concern, and thanks for playing anyway.

Summer Game staff -- Thanks very much for making the summer game! It was a lot of fun, as always. I *so* appreciate the time and work you have put into creating and running it!

My favorites this year were the parks badges -- and the hilarious "monster at the end of this badge" badge.

As always: THANK YOU!!!!!


Thank you to everyone involved in producing the summer game. You have made summer more fun for players of all ages. You must have been up all night answering all of our email pleas for help. Your response time was amazing! It was another amazingly wonderful summer game.

Congratulations to Swedish Koala for placing Number 1 on the Leaderboard in this morning's final results! I know that is a lot of work and dedication. You must have had a great summer doing all the badges, events and everything else to get your highest score, that is impressive, and I hope you had fun, too. Congratulations to all of the Top 10! I was in the Top 10 once, and it was a lot of work and fun, even down to the midnight deadline when positions shifted even more. I am in the Top 40, and we had a blast doing the Summer Game 2019, and learned so many things, as we do every year! Thank you to our really amazing AADL staff.

Thank you so much AADL staff, you put so much time and effort in to the game! You guys are awesome. Can't wait for next year's!

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