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Sustainable Ann Arbor | Forum Carbon Neutrality in the Mobility Sector


Thursday February 13, 2020: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room


Join us for a discussion about how we can achieve carbon neutrality within the mobility sector. Learn about emerging ideas, share your ideas, and find out how you can help the city achieve its carbon neutrality goals.

Panelists include:

Matt Carpenter: CEO of the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority
Emily Drennen: Sustainability Analyst at the City of Ann Arbor
Linda Diane Felt: Holistic Health Practitioner and past Chair of the Transportation Commission
Joe Grengs:  Associate Professor in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Michigan
Raymond Hess: Transportation Manager at City of Ann Arbor

Sustainable Ann Arbor is an annual series presented by the City of Ann Arbor and hosted by the Ann Arbor District Library. The series includes four events held monthly through April, each with a focus on a different element of sustainability from Ann Arbor’s Sustainability Framework.

This event will be recorded