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Mrs. Alan Polasky To Head League Of Women Voters

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Thursday, May 4, 1967<br><br><br><br>Mrs^Alan^Polasky To Head League Of Women Voters<br><br>Mrs. AfcmN. Polasky will head the Ann Arbor T.Man»>-W«nnii. Vntpr^ prpciHpnt-for the coming year.<br><br>She was elected at Wednesday’s annual<br><br>and will be related<br><br>Mrs. Alan Polasky<br><br>sting at which two local iterflgBtere adopted Sm ^tiMi'j^T-pric-year study]<br><br>mbers will continue to study long-term comprehensive planning for the physical development of the Ann Arbor area, including the active support of an Urban General Plan and a study of methods of coordination among the various planning bodies in the county and the metropolitan area.<br><br>. Two will be the study and of programs in the fields of housing re. Aspects to be emphasized ordinances, student housing, the need for a county medical facility anrf«jtejf, state and federal health programs as thiy^apply to Washtenaw County.<br><br>Other new leaders of the group will be Mrs. Joseph Kummer, first vice president; Mrs. John Romani, third vice president; Mrs. Jarvis Babcock, secretary; Mrs. Phillip Mann, director in charge of membership; Mrs. Edward Smith, director in charge of the bulletin; Mrs. Roger E. Davis, director in charge of publicity; Mrs. Lawrence Hill, director in charge of publications; and Mrs. Franklin Moore, director of voters service.<br><br>The new board announced the appointments of Mrs. David Steinicke and Mrs. Simon Klein as chairmen of the National Human Resources Committee and Water Resources Committee, respectively.