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The report of the Department of Agriculture for September shows the average condilion of ootton on the lst to have beeu 91, a decline of one per cent. sinee the Au gust return, out an inerease over the eondition reported September 1, 1879, of six per cent. The average condition of the corn erop for the whole country was 91, a decline of 6even per cent. since the returns of August 1, and four per cent. lower tban September 1, 1879. The report also iudlcates a decline in the general averago of tho tobaoco erop for the wbole country. The condition was 84, a decline of two per cent. since August 1, and three per cent. less than September 1, 1S79. The exports frora this country of domestic lireadstuffs during the month of August last amounted in value to $31,493,9i5; same month, 1879, $39,758,650. For the eight months enrlini August 31, 1880, the value was $181,856,776, aïainst $137,914.047 in Ihe correspondin? eight months of 1879. The internal revenue reoeipts of the United States during July and August amounted to 121.161,789, aeainst 19,1S7,215 for the correspondiug nionths last vear. The First Comptroller of t he Treasury has recently decided that do decree of court can require the United States to pay the amountof registered bonds to judgment crédito rs. It was stated on the 17t'i that officials of the Interior Department at Washington were very confident that the treatv with the Ute Itidians would flnally be sigued, siuae they had reeeived infoi'niation to the effect that over two hundred Southern Utes had already given their siguaturea to the propositions. The JSast. On the 14th Johu Hart Brewer was nominated for Congresa by the Republicans oí the Ser-ond New Jersey District.The Massachusctts Republicaaa have renominated the present State oflicers, with the exception of Treasurer, Daniel A. Gleason be.nsr nominated for that position. The Ntew Hampshire Democratie State Convention was held on the 15th, and a full State ticket was nominated, headed by Frank Jones for Governor. llKViSED returns from the recent clectionin Vermont, -ublished on the 15t.h, ■kow tliat the vote for Governor was as follous: Farnhain, Republican, 47,85.!; fbelps, D mocrat, 21,340; Heath, Greénback, and scattering, 1,591; Farnham's majority over al!, 25,1)21. Rev. E. P. Adams, a Presbyteriaa minister of Duukirk, ür Y., has been deposed from tbe ministry for having preached as;ainst the doctrine of eternal puni6hmcnt. Charles Livingston, the Brooklyn (N. Y.) man who had undertaken o f ast of forty-two daye, abandoned the task on the nigbt of the 15th, after enterin upon the ninth day of the experiment. About eleven o'cloek a man raehed into the hall and told Livingston hia wife liad committed suicide, in coneequenee of lier husband's detorminaticn to continue the fast against her wishes. }Aviugston hurried home, and found bis wife in convulsione. He Bummoned aphysiclan, wjio couldnot discover llrs. Livinijpfou bad taken any poison, and eoncluded it was ouly a device on her part to get her husband home. Among recent Congressional nominations at the East are the foUowing: First New Ilampsliire, Congressmau J. (;. Hall. RepubUcan ; . Sccond New Ilampshire, Congreeeman James F. Brijrgs, Re publican; Seventeeuth New York, Congressinan Wal ter A. Wood, Republican; First Pennsylvania, Congressman H. n. Bingham, Republican; Second Pennsylvania, Congressinan Charles O'Neill, Republican; Third Pennsj'lvauia, Benjamin L. Berry, Republican; Fourth Pennsylvan;a, Con;ressman W. D. Kelley, Republican; Fifth Pennsylvania, Congressman A. C. Harmer, Republican; Second New Jersey, Samuel A. Dobbins, Greenback; Fifth New Jersey, Congresaman George M. Robeson, Kepublican. A ligh r fall of snow occurred ín portions of Clinton County, Pa., on the 14th. ïwo vessel Captains, who recently returned to Gloucester, Mass., frointhecoast of Newoundland, state that their boats were boarded by a arïe number of natives, who used vio'ence to prevent their flshins. The New Hampshire Prohibitionist3 have nominated tíeorge D. Dodge for Governor. The bark Erinagh, froin Port-dePaixi 'Hayti, arrived at New York on tlie lOth, with all on board sick of yellow feyer. Two de.iths occurred during the voyage. The sufferers were quartered at the Qu&rautlno Ho8- pital in the harbor. The Democrats of the First New Ilampshlre District have nominated Johu V. Sanborn for Congress; thoee oL the Third New Himpshie, G. IL Bingham; Seconq New Jersey, ConaxesBmaii H. B. Smith. ïhe Republicanf3 of tbe Fifth Massachusetts District have renominnted S. Z. Bowuian. Geneeal Jcjdson Kilpateick has been nominated for onsnss by Ber,ublioüu of the Fourth New Jersey District. The two hundred and iif tieth auniversarv of the settlement of Boston was celebrated in that city on the 17th. Animmeii3e crcjwd wan in attendance and the ceremonies passé, "i oiE satisfaet.orily. A TEBBIFIC explosión occurred ia one of the buildings of the Union Metallic Cartridfje Company at Bridgeport, Conn., on the 17th, demolishing the etructure andkillina: thive men and two boys. A lake near by was Hterally strewn wtth fragmenta of the ruined bniidiug. Two of the bodies of the fictlms re also fouad in the lake, one with head and arms gone. West anl Sovitli. The Missouri State Greenback Centra Comraittee have placed in nominatloii a lul] Electoral ticket, with Andrew Royal aud O. H. Barker as Elec'ors-at-Ivartre. Tue old shipping houso of George Il'iwes & Co., San Francisco, Buspendud on the 14tb. The iïrm held the agency of Button it Uo., New' York. ABscte and ilabiiitles not knutvn. On the 14th Waitesburg. Washington Terrltory, was almost entirely destroyed by tire. The flamee ortcrinated in the Pearl Hoiatt; A strong wind prevailed, and the üre spread rapidly in alldirections, destroyin.c ill but four oí the business houees and the grcater portion of the merehandise containod in tbem. One Cliimiraun was Imi-ned to death. The loss was between 8150,000 aud 1200,000. On the 13th Henry Mackabee, a prisou official at Mount Sterling, Ky., took two oonvicts with hlm to a wood ten miles from the jirison for the purpose oï cuttint; poles. '1 he prisoners, who werc anned Viith axe, lell on Mackabee an.l hacked him to pioces, and made their escape. .Mackahee's body was discovcred the next day. CoNGRESsiüNAX nomiuatiotts wore made on the Hth as follows; Sixtk Wi-cmsin District, Richard (Juenther, Eepublicau; l'.fth VVlseonsln, Elihu Coleman, Kepubllcan; Uabama, Jaincs Oillette, República;); Third Missouri, Óustave Sessinghaus, Repnblican The Missouri Republicans have nomlnatcd Oolonel D. P. Dyer, oí Ai Louis, ior nor. The National RepubMean Oinb Conrention bs .emble i a( tndl n n ü? ■ ö ii.Tiii .1. l. c. pui-in .: Loulsiaua, was choásn Prealdctit, v:th the asual numbe of Vice-Presidcnts and Secretarles. An a dress and platform were adopted and a Ni tionai Cotnm ttee wasfonned, of nhicli Frauk lin MacVeagh, oL Chicago, was made Pres dent, andT. Si. Nlchol, of Raclnc-, Wis., Sec retary. CoxGKEssiotfAi, nominations n the West and South were mado on the 15th a f olio tb: Thlrd Marylaud District, Joshu Horner, Jr., Republican; Fourth Marylanc Enodi Pratt, Republicau; Sixth Alaryland, J M. Schley, Democrat; Fifth Maryland, W. R Wilmer, Republican; Tliirtl Arkansas, Con gressman J. E. öiavea, Deraocrat; Washington Territory, Thomas Burke (Delégate), Democrat; Eighth Wisconsin, W. C. Silverton, Democrat; Thivd Wisconsin, M. M. Cothren, Democrat; Socond Iowa, Rode riek Rose, Democrat; Eighth Iowa, Robert PerciVill. Demoerat. F. L. Siiaw has decliued the Democratie nornlnation for Congress n the Second Maryland District. A mild type oí yellow fever was reported on the lötti to be prevailing in the neiijhborhoofl of the quarantine stations on the lover Mississippi, about 6eventy-iive miles below New Orleans. VlRGIL AND IÏOUSTON GüLLY, iüdicted for the murder ol Gümer, have been acqnitted by a jury at De Kalb, Mi6s. The celcbrated mavo Maud S. trotted a mile in :Hj on tha course of the Chicago Jockey and Trottiua; Club on (he lfith. A.voNCr the Congressional nominations bnthe löUiwej-e the fóildwiu: Kepubiie.m- Fu-ot Missouri D stiict, ex-Goveruor Fletcher. Greenback - Seconii Alarvland, E. A. Treadway; Third Marylaud, ff. fl. W. Oninn; Fourth Maryland, Samuel W. i'ierce; Fifth Maryland, Öliver Bryan; Sixth Marvland, Natbaiiiel Sener. The commtttecs of the regular and ■e-aOJuster facüons of tbe Virginia Democracy ailjourned sine die on the 17th, without laving come to a settlement. It was said all hopes of a compromiso had been abandouert. Congression.vl nomiiiatioti3 were made on the lTih as follQws: First Georgia lstrlct, George R. Black, Democrat; Fiitli i.ivvland, W. R. Smith, Renubllcan; First Alahama F. II. Threat (colored), Repubücan. The taking of the census of the Inans of the United otates will be commenced October 1. A horrible accident is reported froiii Gold Hil!, Nev. In one of the shafts of the Consolidated Imperia! Mine the cable attacHed t an elevator cae containins ten men lroke at the reel, and the eaie was precipitated 300 feet aill crushed to pieeea as well by coUisiou with the fioor of the mine as by the weight of about 1 00.) feet of the iron cable willen feil on It. Nine of the minera veré lnstantiy killed and the tenth ivas seriously injured. Foreigu Inteïttertcfe. According to a London dispatch of the 14th the Forte had linally üecidel to res at to the last the aiirrender of Thessaly and Epirus to Greeee. Alt, attempts to rasume negoti;itions betweoa Itussia and China have iailed. On the 14th the Czar appointed a commission to iuvestigate the subject of the niiatice3 of tha Kmpire with the view of introducing extensive reforma in the Russian financial aiministration. The Siberian plague lias made its appearance in a villaje uear Odessa. A man nanietl Henry Perry, who had been convicred of au outraeous robbery of a bant on the Underground Railway iu London, was recently brought befoi-e the Central Criminal Court and sentenced to thirty laahes with tlie cat-o'-nine-tails and a penal servltnde of twenty years. On receiving his tentence the prisoner screamed aloud in agouy and fear. In concluding that part of the sentence Impo'ring punishment Tvith the lash, the Judge saidi "1 scutence youto reccive thia form of puaiahment before" your loní term oí imprlsonmênt begins, in order that, coward asvou are, youuaay feel the pain an;l know what it means." Sir F. K. Se7mour, British Vice-Admiral, bas been apointed to the comraand of the International ieet In Turkish waters. The importa into Fraaoe the eicht raonths euded August 31 incroased by 250,ÖOü,0Ol) francs ocv the imports of the eorresponding eigJit motths in 1879, lid the ex; -orts bv 108,000,000 fniüc.,. The Turks and Greeïcs were reported on the lTth to have had a fight at Tussi, in whch the latter were defeated with a loss of thirtv men. A Constantinople dispatoh of a recent d.ite says the Kurds had reeently devastated thirteeu Armenian villages. Di!. P. P. Talbott, editor and proprietor oL the Grcenback Standard at MaryVille, Mo., was -shot and fataüy wounded late on the night of the 18th, at his residence near that place. Jle was seated at a wiudow reading when sorne unknown person tircd through the wiudow at close range, the ball flrst cutting olí tno of kis fingurs and then passing entirely through his side, inflicting a wound from wtiich he died the next day. His son rushed to the door and flred, but without effect, at a retreating form in the darkness, and the aseassin escaped without leavrag any elew tO hl identity. Striking miuers at Corniug, O., made a raid on the minea at that place on the 19th, a.}d were repulsed by a niilitia company, which flred one volley into the advancing mob. N;ne of the attacking party were wounded, se ve ral of tUem pamlully. CUXGUESSMAN R. V. PlERCE, of the Thirty-iecond New York District, has reslgned his seat iu Couress. Vanderbilt's six-year-old mare Maud S. trottcd a mile in he unprecedeut.ed time of 2:lü% on the Jockey Club track, Chicago, on the 18tli. A special from Portland (Me.) on the l'Jth to the os on Heratd saya: '-The latest returns received at Democratie headquarters from 49ö towns give Piaieted 73,493; Üavis, 73,542. The towns to hear trom gaye in 1879 a Fusiou major.ty of 167. The returns wil] give l'laisted a plurality of 118 if the towns to be heard irom vote as last year." The Constitutiünal uraeiidments, provkling that a candidate for Governor may be elected by a plurality vote, aud changin the date of the State election Irom September to November, were thoucht to have been adopted. An Augusta telegram of the same date s;iys it was evUeut ttic vote was close, and it waa quite probable only the official canvass of returns would decide who was electod. DuniNG the session iñ Chicago on the 18th of the National Liberal Convention, while the platform reporte.t from committee ■was under discussion, (Jolouel R. ü. Ingersoll objected to the resolution calllug fór the unconditional repeal of the laws against the transmission of obscene literatura through the mails, and olfered a substituto providing that, ui aH cases where arresta were made for such transmission, the matter should be rfeferred to the Coramittee on Defenee, who should ascertain whether tlie am sted party was honest iu what ue had done, aud believed that he had ouly transmitted that which was fir the public good, and, in case of a favorable linding ly the committee, that aocueed Bhould be proi ected and del euded by the Leazuu. A ietjgthy debute ensued, theexeiling cont'oversy terrmuaUnn in the rcjectiou Of the Iiisfersoll subetituteancl the adoptionof the original re solution, slightly ainended. Thereunotj CoL Ingeraoll resigned the positiqnof Vice-Presldent of the League, stating that he could no lonsicract with the orjianization, as ho differed with it In this, ns he considere it. im)ortant particular.


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