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A Fight With Kerosene Lamps As Weapons--one Man Fatally And Another Dangerously Burned

A Fight With Kerosene Lamps As Weapons--one Man Fatally And Another Dangerously Burned image
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Somewhat brief mentiun was made in yestordiiy's Tribune of u Irigdtlul duel between two men armed .with kerosene lampa. One of iho contc-stants die! ;d the County Hospital yesterday, and the itcarii of tin was expeeted to xolliiw befjro to-d:iv. The c;isi' ia nlmost unpar:;!le]ed fortrigiitfiil atrooity. Tb6 particular portion of the yard of the Union Irou und steel Mills, used lor load iiijr care, is lighted, wliou the men aro ntffhts, by some thirty or forty kerosene lamp-i. These are of doublé tin, and contaip about a pint oí oil each. They are desigaed ïpr hand Use. The wiek Is set in a funnel, which stands ahout t'our inehes al'ove the top ol'the lamp, and it ia veiy 11 known to those who handle thcra thatwhen they are lipset or turned ups-do down they either explode or the oil runs l'roin them and catches flre. William Doyle and Thomas Connell, the vietims of the Sundur moruing duel, are old employés in the yard, and must huve been perfect ly" veil ncquainted with these l'.icts. lioth men had been qnarrellnft all nitfht about wheretheirlampsshould be placed to throw the best liffht, and the workmen who honrd these spats say it was hard to teil who was riglit and who wrong-. Howcver, Connell was the flrst to hurí a lamp ut hls opponent, and this he did without anv other provoofttlon than Doyle's angry words.' Doyle retallated by hurllnr his lamp at hls assailant. The oil flew in all directions, and the othor workmen wcre obliged to run to prevent their clothes from takinc: flre. The flghtinir men elinched, and their lamps, exulodintf in quiek sneeossion, delusred them lioth with burninsr oil and otherwise injured them. But it was only when their burning was seorcnlng their bodies luto a erisp that they eeased the combat. Their fellowworkmen rushed to their nssistanee, and to'vi-rm were üa'iiy ourneu ar out the hauds in their praisewoithy endeal or to 6ví; the lives of the nvo min by teftrlnsr trom them tho buniiiig claihtnpr. Beïoie thfc eould hu nccoiuplishod Doyie wss lerr.blv chan-ed. uid his 'ci-'aina of agrony could be heard foc black. Connell itnsmt quito so bjcUv buinod', büt bis painwus uii),...i hm intense -is tlnif o( Doyl-. Coth were attended n' (oon ns pos ibe by !)r Grocr, who snid promplly thut D.iyleorjml'd not live. nm! he tiii.uaht ('onnells cónd.tion precfiriouH. Ioylc was tiikcn homo to Nu. :S3 Churth pliiev, wherc he bas a wlíe and two chiltlren, uud Connoll was tiikcn tp his homo .".t thf ro, nor oí ffi,n ] and Founcenth stroets, whrro he ha a wife -11 1 s!x children, bul s.iliBefluönUy Ixith vete takin to the Cminty Hospita!. 3'Uert' TJoylc oüed in the. most UoriTi yesto.rday forenoon. TUn Deputy Ctirone wh'i was notitied. wtnt thrre to hold the luquest, but the Hosuital physieians éoáu exiend n hope tor Connell 8 recovery, and his condition was so Jow it v, as decided to post me the inquest unül t.j-dnv, Whon t.ho chances are that ih ; innuest will be a duublo uiie.


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