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- Andover Theologícal Sominary has decided to lengthon its term oí study f rom three to tour years. - The Presbyterian Ghureh has 631,9M í'liildren in its Sunday-schools, showinrr an inerease of over 17,000 the past year. - Thei-e are nearly nine hundred Voung Men's Christian Assoeiations in this country, five in New Zeílismd and one in Palestine. - He said a sensible thing, speaking of punctuality at church. who remarked: "It i. a part o f my religión not ta disturb other people's devotions." - Bishop Harris (Methodist) declares Mexico to be tho hardost mission field in the world, and he has visitad nearly all the iields of the worid. - A societ} is attached to Mi'. Spurgeon's London tabernacle to furnish ülothiug to needy persons ;iad their families. It dislributei $1,200 worth of goods last year. -"The Belknap (N. H.) Coogregfttional Associaüon has issuol an emphatic deolaration against divorue, "except for the single valid 3criptural c;auae," aud has c.illed upon the ministers and associatfons to take a stand on the subject. - Bishop Herzcg, according to a Geneva correspondent, liaslefT Switzerland for the United States with the object of promo i ing a 9cheuie for the federation of all the Christian churches in the universe. He will arrive in timo to attend the Presbyteriaa Ecumenical Council at Philadeíphia. - The people of San Lorenzo, Cal., belonging to düforent churches, seeing that none of their denoininations were strong enough to sustmn a separate oranization, agreed to unitc into au undenominational chiuvh. T'hoy adopted a creed which is described as being "ia a general way, the Apostles' creod expanded," have kopt out of debt, and are Üourishing. - The Presbvlerian Theological Seminaiy at Coluni'iia, S. C, wiiich was suspended last spring1 for want of f unds, enjoya brighter prospeets. It has received $2,000 from what had been given up as a bad debe, and is now getting interest from ui investment of $10,000 whit'h had not yiolded any ineomo for years. It has also made a considerable ireduction in its floating debt. - It has often been said in England that too much was spent on education. But in Mr. Mundella s statement, introducing the estimates for educatiou to the Brilish IIoii3c of Commons, he showed that, while vich England pays $10.00 per scholar in the board sshools, poor Scotland pays $10.87; and, while England pays in the voluntary schools $8.62 per scholar, Sootland pays $;t.50; 80 that the poorer country, valuing education most, pays more for it than the richer oouutry. So in feos paid by the parent Scotland pays considerably more per pupil than England. So Scotland pays more attention to the education of tho oidor scholars, and Mr. Mundella shows that Eugland needs to learn important lessons irom nortn of the Tweed.


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