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18KO. DEMOCRATICJÑOMINATIONS. For President- WINFIELD SCOTT HANCOCK, Of Pennsylvania. For Vice-President- WILLIAM H. ENCLISH, Of Indiana. TlIE HIGHTOF TRIAL BT JUIIY, THE HABB s COUPUS, THE I.IBERTY OF THE I'HKSS, THK KKIOEDOM OV BPEACH, THE NATURAL KUillTS OF FBR80HB, AKD THB HI0HT8 OF PROrKUTV, MIST HE PRESERVBD - FrOlU order of Gen. Hancock al New OrUam, Mmmber 29, 1867. _____ KLÍCTOnS. At Large- PETEtt WIIITE, ARCHIBALD McDONELL. First District- WILMAM FOZXN. Beoond Dtetrlct- HUtAM J. üeaKES. Third District -JAMES S. UPTON. _: Fourlll Distliit (KKMAINH. MASÓN. gïfth District -HOBACEB. PHtCE. Sixih District JTTROME EDDT. gerenth District WILDMAN MILLS. F.ik-lith District WILLIAM R. MAR8H. Nintli District- JAMES. DEMPSEY. STATl NOMINATIONS. ""VrEDERICK M. HOLLOWAY. Lieutenent Uovernor - EDWARD II. THOMPSON. Secretory of State- " WIl.LIARD STEARNS. Attorney General- HEXRY P. 1IENDERSON. State Treasurer- ISAAC BI. WESTON. Auditor General- RICHARD MOORE. Comiiüssioner of State Land Office - JAMES I DAVID. Superintendent of Public lnstruction - ZKI.OTK.S TIU'KSDEL, Member Boanl of ÏCilueat iou - ALBERT ORAXE. For Representativein Congress 2d District, WILLIAM H. WALDBY, Of Lenawee. Democratie Legislative TicketFor Senator. DAVID G. ROSE. For Rcpresi'iitativi', lst. District, EDWARD KINO. Democratie County Ticket. For Judge of Probate, WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN. For Oountv Clerk, EDWARD DUFFY. For Sheriff, EDWIN W. WALLACE. Ml For County Treasurer, JACOB KNAPP, For Registor of Deeds, MICHAEL SEERY. For Prosecutinü Attorney. CHARLES R. WHITMAN. For Circuit (Jourt CommiaBioners, HOWARD STEPHENSUN. PA1RICK McKERN A. For Coroners, MARTIN CLARK. ' CONR4D GEORG. For Surveyor CHARLES S. WOODARD. Democratie Meetings. W1LLIAM D. HARRIMAN. Mooreville Oct, 6. StoDey Creek Oct. 7. Tremper School House, Scio Oct. 8. Salem Station Oct. 9 Delhi Oct. 12 Superior Town Hall Oct. 13 Mifan Oct. 14 Peebles' Corners Oct. 15 CHARLES lt. WHITMAJf. Milan Sept. 25 Bridgewater Town Hall Oct. 4 Manchester Oct. E FreedomTown Hall Oct. 6 Sharon Town Hall Oct. 7 Iron Creek Church Oct. 8 Sylvan Center Oct. 11 Chelsea Oct. J2 Lyndon Oct. 13 Hudson Oct. 14 Lima Centre Oct. ir Lodi Oct. 18 Wall's School House, Northfleld Oct. 19 Walch's Corners Oct. 2C Webster Ti iwn Hall Oct. 21 Wliitmore Lake Oct. 22 Stoney Creek Oct. 2fi Delhi Oct. 27 Peebles' Corners, Salem . . Oct. 28 OHAHLES H. RICHMOND Will divide the time with Mr. Harriman when the appointments are f or the same evening : Saline Oct. 5 Mooreville Oct. 6 Salem Station Oct. 9 Delhi Oct. 12 Superior Oct. 13 Milan Oct. 14 PATRICK IICEEBNAX Wíll dividí? i lic Ume with Kr. Whltman when t li appointments are for the same evening. Milan Sep. 35 Dextcr Oct. S Chelsea Oct. 12 Hudson Oct. U Peebles' Corners Oct. 15 Milan Oct. M BBADLEY F. GKANOEIÏ. Chelsea Oct. 5 Webster Town Hall Oet. 7 Manchester Oct. IA Bridgowater Oct. 15 CHARLES!!. MAXI.V. Sluvron Town Hall Oct. 7 Iron Creek Church, Manchestar Oct. 8 ALJ3KKT CKANE. Saline Oct. 5 Saleui Oct. 13 E. H. THOMPSON. Saline Oct, 1 AnnArbor Oct. lb Second Representative Convention. The Democratie Convention for thesecoml re] resentative district, will be held at the. court house in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday,Oct 5, 18R0 at 2 o'clock P. M.. to Dominare a rancia date for representative in tlie state legislatur and to transaet such other business as may propeny como before the convention. Th sev cralton-iiKliips and wardswill bo entitled to th sanie nnniber of delegates as they wero at th county donvention. EdmundClancy, 1 Hascal Laraway, Committec. Edward Duffy, )


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