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Democratic District Convention

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The democratie district convention for the first representative district of Washteoaw county, met at the Goodrich house in Saline last Friday at 2 o'clock r. m. The conveution was called to order bv Charles R. Whituian, of Ypsilanti. F. J. Swain, of Ypsilanti, was made chivirman, and D. R. McLachlin, of Saline,secretary. O. R. Whilman, of Ypsilanti, and J. S. Hendersou, of Pittsfield, were appointed a committee on crectentials. Jason Gillett, of Ypsilanti town, E. M. Spencer, of Ypsilanti, and F. E. Jones, of Saline, were appointed a committeo on permanent organization. The following DELEGATES were reported: Augusta- Win. Lovvden, Charles Merritt, Charles Rogers, Levi Rogers. Pittsfield- Henry DePue, J. S. Hender sou, John Taite. Saline- H. M. Russell, F. E. Jones, Ezra Sanford, E. W. Wallace, J. H. Ortmann, D. R. McLachlin. York- M. J. Kelsey, Geo. Coc, Horace LeBaron, Gilbort M. Browu, Josoph Gauntlett. Ypsilanti town- Jason Gillett, Edward C. King, Wm. Willings, Wm. Bell. Ypsilanti city. First ward- E. M. Spencer, Geo. Palmer. Second ward- C. B. Whitman, Joseph Mein ty re. Tliird ward- Clarence Tinker, D. W. Thompson, Beman] Kirk. Fourth ward- F. J. Swain, M. L. SUutts. Fiftlj ward- L. Z. Forrester, John Tenis, II. Hordinghouse, Wm. M. Roberts. The report was accepted and adopted.; The temporary offlccrs were made permanent. On motion of F. E. Jones, an informal ballot was taken for a candidate for REPRESENTATIVE. C. K. Whitman nominated Edward King, of Ypsilanti town. W. M. Roberts nominated E. M. Spencer, of Ypsilanti. The ballot resultod as t'ollows: Whole nuinber of votes 2ast 30 Edward King received 19 E. M. Spencer received 8 G. W. Alban received 2 Blank j The forraal ballot rcsultcd as follows: Whole number of votes cast 30 Edward Kiug 22 2. M. Spencer 5 Geo. Alban 2 Ezra Sanford 1 Mr. King was declared unanimously nominated. Messrs. Albert Crane, of Ypsilanti, D. R. McLnohlin, of Saline, and B. F. Gooding, of York, were appointed a district coinmittee for the ensuing two years. Mr , Whitman, who was called on for a speech, said he would commence active work about the 3d of October, when all would have an opportunity of hearing hiiD, as he intended to make a thorough canvass of this county, speaking in every school district. In tliis district the republican majority is not so great but what we can elect our man. To obtain suocess we must have confidence and half the battle is won. From now on the democracy should spare no pains, but go to work with a will and success is sure and certain. Messrs. C. R. Whitman and J. S. Henderson were asited to notify Mr. King of bis nomination, who thanked the convention for the confidence reposed in him.


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