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Universally admitted to bo the Largest Tentod Exhibition iu the World SIXTEENTII ANNUAf, TOUR OF THE GREAT FORBPAUGH SHBW i all raí lifllii FIREDFROMTHECANNON. WlMfl Will rovisit and exliibit afternoon and evening at 4 OCTOBER 4 A MASTODONIC CONSOLIDATION OF 20 Distinct Exhibitions O wned by me during the past sixteen years, and now MASSED INTO ONE COLOSSAL CONFEDERATION, Representiug a Cash Investmeut of Two Million Dollars, all for a Single Holidav. Gigantic Menagerie and Circus. Stupendous Trained Wild Kast Show. - -je only cxhihiiioii tliat ever owned and introdaced IN ADDITION TO 1,500 Bare UntamecL IMIo:n_s-be-r= ,.,nnnnTBIR[)S' AND MARINE WONDERS, LEVIATHAN ' liVERYWHERB, INDIANS, KAFPIRS and IIOTTENTOTS! THE LARGEST AND BEST SHOW UNDER THE SUN! G-ram-d. Balloon Asoensions I Every Exhibition Dar. -A_3?t}c Cpoeaix Sea, Lions. Only Exhibition using the new and wonderful EDISOH ILECTHIC LICHT, Requiring a 50-horse high prcssure Engine to produce the same. Exhibits the Miracle of the Century, a A Hnman Beii Pírea From a fflouster Cannon, wardeo1,ThSnvlf'aadSeí'lh-WhÍ1'1ÍIigtI'rou'sJ)aceaní cauBhtby a lady lianging head down }V n the lofty trapeze This wonder-movmg fcat performed at eaeh exhibition by Mons Loyal, ■ 100 FAMQUS FOREIGN ACTORS1!! In the Qreat Circus. Mammoth Pavilions holding ten thougand spectators. The Entire Show transported on my own Three Great Hailway Tralns. Behold tho monster Freo-for-All b Street Procession. BythisweprovethattheareatForepaughShowistheQreatestofall Oreat Shows It starts from the show ground every exhibition day, bet ween thehours of ü and 10 o'cloclc A. M Admission M.rptSÁioJnhs1nnrdth1;nrpar'?vIoísentSl-WO ibiÜ e day. fil,t at 3.30, nxJT. for deSElCUrSiOn TrainS and redUCe(J r8t AdXm aFOREPAUcí0L Íoíe Pïop.866 bi'to


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