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The Dreams Of Youth

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I built a vaasel long yeur agro. And I Rttodlt uut lino tho gHlloys of olil; lts (alle wero aa wiiltc ;m tho licsh fallen snow, Aml ts bn9 were resplendent wlth erimson mul gold. lts buivrnrka woro flrm, and it9 masis strong and tul], And a jruy-colorod pennon on high was Bpread; The bvHuty of Vnuth lcnt a cbarm to lt all, And n i Image of Hopo was ita proufi figureiiend. 1 Uumobed t ono morn in the aprlng of tho year, When tho breozos wpre low, and the sunbeains wore bripht ; And I, in thi' prldé oí my youth, hml no foar of thestrength of the mmi, ortbe gloomoi th1. niíTht. So I draamed of the rlolics my galley woulu briuif From thc limds wbere no bark had been over before; l!ut the siiiumor pa8od by, and spring wore roun;l to spring. And my resscl roturned not, alas, to the sbore 1 At lcnirth one dark nutumn It oame baok to me. Dut lts masts were all broken, its bows wore b:ire; lts bulwarks wero eovered with growth of the sea, And tho figuro of tlopo was no lonsrer there; Whlle it brmight mo fur freight but the drift Of tho W&T6, The Heu-foam and weeds that bad laln In it long: And I mournfuUy slghod as I gazed on tho grave Of tbc dreama that were bright when llfe's hcart-bcat was stront?.


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