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The Frauds In Maine--the National Committee's Address

The Frauds In Maine--the National Committee's Address image
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The National Democratie Committee lias issued tlie folio wing statement relative to the eleetion ia Maine: Headqt'ks Nat'l Demociiatio Com.mittke, i New Vork, Sapt, 17, 1880. f The latest reliablo and oilicial returns roceived trom Mame uro as fullows: Kcturns from 428 towns give Plalsted 70,01H; Davis. 70,6i8; llepublican majority, 67!. In the same tcnvns In 1878 the oppositlon vote was 57, lü'j; Republlcan, 72,765; Kcpublicun majority, 15,lAiii; liopiililieui loss in frora the correspoiuliüí electlmi in lSTti, lt,5H7. There are 58 towus and plainutions jrel to be heard from, The relativo gsla in these lowns as comparecí with 1S76 would giye us, uta low estímate, over l,0Ji Democratie majority. The Kepublican manipulators in Maine are pretendin# to cli i ni a majority lor Davis, and are uudoubt ediy trying to doctor returns to bear out this claim. H remain-i to be soen wnetber they propose to bejfin in Maine to reinaugúrate the fraudsof lS7(i. Fortwodays BlaiiK' and Kepublican leaders conceded l'láisted's eleotion, as the Kepublican party did 'l'ilden's in 187. The entlre macbinery far oouiitinjr the vote is in the hands of a iíepulican Keturning Board, i suallr, in past yeiirn, it haa ooli' tetiuired about two days to ascertain dellnite resuits in Maine. This year all tirst returns showed ureat Democratie g-ains, and it was only wheu Kepubtican manipulators have stopped returns uoining in and dolayed tlicin iintil they could be alterei I that changos were roade in favor of Davis. As nn iDStanoe, the coimty of Kennebeo, which usually completes "Ha returns in one 'i.i , was h(;ld back uut il af ter Thursday, and it is openly nsserte.1 by a former Republfoan leader thiit returns are fcept back l'or manipulation. Two oí the live Cinjfresamen - Muren and Ladd- are conoeded. Phllbrlok, Demoera; ie oandldate in lüaine's district uhe ïbiidi, whilii actunlly eleeted, may be counted out by irau'i by a very email majority - undor one humlrcd. In the First District, Anderson, Democratie candidate, is praotlcally in the Bame posltion, as the Kepublicans only claim a majority lor Kced of 98- thus showIng that uut ut ñTe Conff ressmen four Detnjrats were eleoted. This is the best orlterlon lywhieh to Judge the popular sentimeatof h'' stal e. Plaisted is clearly clected, and can nly l defeatöd by Crauduleot count. Tho oul ains shown by the Hepublican party, (r ■ik:.7)!i! by th"m. ure in Democratie counties, nacceëslDM "■. telegraph and aifa.v tram llntM l raiiMra, h. The best eyidmceof friud proRsed to D8 perpetrated ia tho fact that while ;he Fusión ticket shows large gralns all over he State In Republican citiis anl oountles, be Kepublican nam is clalmed in Demuuratla lounties. Wii.i.iAM II. Uahni m, Chalrman. -The farm of Henry Clay, in Kenuoky, lias lust been leased at the rate of eight dollars nn acre.


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