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188O. DEMOCRATICTÑOMINATIONS. For PresldentWINFIELD SCOTT HANCOCK, Of Pennsylvania. For Vice-PresidentWILLIAM H. ENCLISH, Of Indiana. The kigiit op triai by juhy, tite habkas c0upu8, toe ijberty op tne pre8s, tiik freedom of sfbach, tite natural ilights of persons, and the riohts op TROrKRTY, MUST HE TRESERVED -From order of Gen. Hancock at New OrUans. November 29, 1867. _______ ELECTO RS. At Large- PETER WHITE, ARCHIBALD McDONELL. First District- WILLIAM FOXEN. Second District- HIRAM J. BEAKES. Third DiRtrict- JAMES S. UlvrON."__: Fourth District- (1ERMAIN H. MASÓN. FirthDistrict-HORíVC'EB. PECK. Sixth District- JERO51E F.DDY. Sevth District- WIL DMA N MILLS. EighTh District- WILLIAM R. MARSH. Ñinth District-JAMES. DEMP8EY. STATL NOMINATIONS. Oovernor - FREDERICK M. HOLLOWAY. Ijeutenent Governor - EDWARD H. THOMPSON. Secretary of State- WILLIARD STEARNS. Attorner General- HENRY P. HENDERSON. State Treasurer - ISAAC M.;WESTON. Auditor General- RICHARD MOORE. Comniissíoner of State Land Office - JAMES I DAVID. Superintendent of Public Instruction - ■ ZELOTES TRUESDEL, Member Board of Education - ALBERTCRANE. For Representativo in Congres 2d District, WILLIAM H. WALDBY, Of Lenawee. Democratie Legislative TicketFor Senator, DAVID G. ROSE. For Representative, Ist. District, EDWARD KING. For Representative. 3rd District, JAMES 8. GORMAN-. Democratie County Ticket. For Judge of Probate, WILLIAM D. HARRIMAN. For Countv Clerk, EDWARD DUFFY. For Sheriff, EDWIN W. WALLACE. For County Treasurer, JACOB KNAPP, For Register of Deeds, MICHAEL SEERY. For Prosecuting Attorney. CHARLES R. WHTTMAN. For Circuit Court Commissioners, HOWARD STEPnENSON. PA1RICK McKERNAN. For Coroners, MARTIN CLARK. CONR4D GEORG. For Surveyor CHARLES S. WOODARD. Democratie Meetings. WIIXIAM D. IIARRIHAN. Moorevüle 0ct, fl. Stoney Creek Oct. 7. Tremper School House, Scio Oct. 8. Salem Station Oct. 9. Delhi Oct. 12. Superior Town Hall Oct. 13, Milan Oct. 14. Peebles' Corners Oct. 15. CHARLES 11. WHITSIAN. Milan Sept, 25. Bridgewater Town Hall Oct, 4. Manchester Oct. 5. FreedomTown Hall Oct. 6. Sharon Town Hall Oct. 7. Iron Creek Church Oct. S. Sylvau Center Oct. 11Chelsea Oct. 12. Lyndon Oct. 18. Hudson Oct. 14. Lima Centre Oct. 15. Lodi Oct. 18. Wall's School House, Northfleld Oct. 19. Walch's Corners Oct. 20. Webster Town Hall Oct. 21. WhitmoreLake.. Oct. 22. Stoney Creek Oct. 28, Delhi Oct. 27. Peebles' Corners, Salem Oct. 28. CHARLES H. RIfHMOND Will divide the time with Mr. Harriman wlu-n the appointments are for the same evening: Saline Oct. 5. Mooroville Oct. 6 Salem Station Oct: 9. Delhi Oct. 12. Superior Oct. 13. Milan Oct. 14. PATRICK MCKERNAN Will divide the time with Mr. Whitman when the appointments are for the same evening. Milan Sep. 23. Dexter Oct. 6 Chelsea Oct. 12. Hudson Oct. 14. Peebles' Corners Oct. 15. Milan Oct. 25. DRADLEY F. QRAKGER. Chelsea 0it. 5. Webster Town Hall Oct. 7. Manchester Oct. 14. Bridgewater Oct. 15. CHARLES H. MANLY. Sharon Town Hall Oct. 7. Iron Creek Church, Manchester Oct. 8. ALBERT CRANE. Saline Oct 5 Salem Oct. 13. E. H. THOMPSON. Saline... Oct, 17 AnnArbor Oct, 18. Second Representative ConventionThe Democratie Convention for the second representative district, will be held at the courthouse in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday Oct 5 1880, at 2 o'clockP. M., to nomínate a candidate for representative in the state legislatura and to tr&n&act such other business as may prouerly come before the convention. The severftl townshlps and wards will be entitled to the same nnmber of delegates as they were at the county donvention. ... Edmund Clancy, I _ Hascal Laraway, Committee. .. EdwardDuffy, ) Ann Arbor Town Democratie Caucus. The Democratie electora of the township of Ann Arbor will meet at the courthouse ín the city of Ann Arbor, Saturday, oct.Jtë, ,188C at 2 o clock p. h. for the purpose of electing 3 delegates to attend the representative eourention to be held at Ann Arbor, oct. 5 BY ORDER OF THE TOWNSUIP COKUITTEI.


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