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Real Estate Transfers

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The following are the transfers of real estáte for the week ending Wednesday, Sept. 29: WARRANTY DEEDS. Samuel Hutchinson toDaaiel Crawford, 30 acres sec 17, Arm Arbor town, $2,250. John Barber to C. A. Barber, 169 acres sec 30, Lyndon, $1,000. John Gilbert to Edward D. Macpherson, lots 202, 265, 200, 269, Harwood, Stewart & Larzelere's addition, Ypsilanti, $0,000. John S. Miller to Jas. Gillídy, w 1-2 lots 7 and 8 b 1 n Huron Street Ann Arbor, $1,000. Adam S. Perry to H. Ledyard, property in Ann Arbcr,$65, C. J. Woolsey to Geo W. Cole, 40 acres sec 29 Saline, $2,400. Eliza J. Eddy to H. W. Ashley, property in Brown and Fuller's addition, Ann Arbor, $1,000. Caroline R. Williams toH. M. Ashley, property in Ann Arbor,$325. Chas. Kitson to Dupsloff, lot in the second ward, $250. John 8. Millcr to Jas. Gillidy, w 1-2 lots 7 and 8, Lawrence and Maynard's addition Ann Arbor, $1,000. John Bunce to Meredith Grass, property in Ann Arbor, $1,825. Elizabeth Cullinene to Timothy Wallace, land in sec 14, Sylvan, $5,000. Frank Ruok to Jacob and John Heinzmannproperty in Ann Arbor, $25. Alonzo Leonard to John Gilbert, property in Ypsilanti, $800. David Heuning to Gottlieb and Emanuel Luick, property in Ann Arbor, $700. Milo E. Gage to Carrie A. Semon, 60 acres sec 26, Superior, $450. Caroline McMillan to Thos. Morrison, (quit claim) property iu Ypsilanti, $800.