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Republican District Convention

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The seconil district republican representative convention, was held at the court-house last Tüesday. N. W. Cheever was called to the chair and E. K. Freuaufï served as secretary. The following committee was appointed on credentials: S. B. Shurtleff, W. B. Smith, Einanuel Mann. As thedelegates had not all arrived, a ruccss was taken UDtil 2 o'clock, whcn the committee on credentials reported the FOLI,OWING DELÉGATE eutitled to seats: Ann Arbor city. First ward- W. B. Smith, N. W.Cheever, Fred Sorg, Wm. A. Clark. SecoDd ward- Philip Bach, John Wagner, E. K. Ereuauff, Emanuel Mann. Tbird ward- A. A. Gregory, D. Hiscock, C. E. Hiscock, L. Gruner. Pourth ward- J. F. Lawrence, T. J. Keech, O. A. Lewis, II. EL Goodrich. Fifth ward- E. S. Manly, L. B. Kel logg.N. H. Pierce. Sixth ward- C. K. Adams, J. E. Sumner, J. W. Hamilton. Ann Arbor town- S. W. Shurtleff, J. C. Mead, R. Glazier, L. F. Wade. Northfleld- Wm. P. Groves, C. Smith, H. Coy, J. Salyer. Superior- J. A. W_ilbur, Geo. McDoir gal, E. Stabler, E. cT Peck, R. E. Townsend. Webster- Isaac Terry, W. Blodgett, R. C. Reeves, A. Buckalew. Salem- "W. B. Thompson, Win. Stanbro S. C. Sober, H. C Packard. On motion of M. H. Goodrich an informal ballot was taken f or candidate for representativo, with the following result: E. D. Kinne, 23; F. P. Galpin, 13; W. B. Smith 4; G. S. Wheeler, 1; blank, 1. The vote on the formal ballot stood, Kinne, 24; Galpin, 15; Wheeler, 1, blank, 1. Mr. Kinne was declared the unanimous nominee of the conventiou. On being notified of his nomination, he appeared before the delegates, and tendered his grateful acknowledgment for the honor conferred. If elected he should go to Lausing as a republican and should exercise and discharge the duties incumbent üpon him fairly and cqnscientiously. The chairman appointed as a district committee for the ensuing year, G. S. Wheeler, of Salem; J. W. Hainilton, of Aun Arbor and R. C. Reeves, of Webster.


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