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A Mammoth Procession. Ou Monday. Oct. 4, betwecn tüe hours of 9 and 10 ofclock in the f orenoon, Adam Forepaugh's Great Railroad Show will appear upon the streets in processional order. Our excuanges, from places where the establishment bas exbibited, assert that in extent and magniflcanse this display exceeds all spectacular or show parades ever made by any exhibition in the United States. 15 HARNESSED EI.EPIfANTS appear, attached to chariots abkzo witli gold and glitter ; two martial bands en. liven the occasion; the "Grand Bashaw," with hisretinue ofslaves, cupbearers, sultanas, etc., is represented, riding upon white camels and black dromedarios; upon a colossal chariot, designated as the "Car of India," a monster living lion is placed, and by his side sits a youthful inaidcn. with her hand resting upon the head of the savage brute. A monster cago, with glass sides and ends, is fllled with anacondas and pythons, and in the midst of this wriggling mass of serpcnts the spectators behold an East Indian Snake Charmer dallying with the shining, slimy monsters. 10 CEYLON ELErnANTS draw another chariot, followcd by the "Car of the Seasons" and the "Chariot of Olympus," which is embellished withrepresentations of the fates, furies, graces, sirens, nymphs, gods, héroes and men. The fifty horse-power electric engine used foi producing the electrical illuminationa in the chcus, is mounted and drawn by ten powerful horses . OPENED DENS OF LIONS AND TIGEBS are to be seen at intervals; a mammoth steam orchestrion mingles its shrill notes with those of the bands, and at intervals are to be seen mardi gras masquerades, in fanciful and mirth-provoking costumes. The monster sea-coast mortar, from which Monsieur Loyal is shot in the circus, is also to be seen in the procession ; droves of camels, diminutive ponies, ornate tableau cars, and nearly a mile of statuary adorued, and beautifully embellished animal cages, all drawn by hundreds of plumed steeds, drivers uniformed eonstitute some of the attractive features of this priucely pageant. Our readers residing out of town should reach here by mne in the forenoon, in order to behold this grand free-for-all holiday parade.


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